The Power Of Using Emotion To Change Your Life With Rod Khleif

Today I want to talk about the power of using emotion to change your life. Most people go through life feeling the range of emotions that everyone experiences, but never really analyzing those emotions or channeling those emotions to effectuate change. There are several emotions that can actually be used to help push yourself to make positive changes. read more The late great Jim Rohn liked to speak about four emotions that people could use for change . I’m going to add one to his list. Believe it or not, one of the most effective emotions a person can utilize for change is disgust. You wouldn’t normally think that you’d equate disgust with something positive, but if managed or channeled it can be very powerful…. Typically when a person feels disgust they’re at the end of their rope…. which is a great opportunity to say yourself….., I’ve had enough…. not another day….Not another minute… . I remember one of my own experiences or “seminars” when I went through my first real estate crash in the 80s. I don’t talk about this experience as much because it was so overshadowed by my huge seminar in 2008 but it’s a great example of disgust to use for you…. I was young and inexperienced in business,
but I had done quite well for myself flipping houses. I had a Rolls-Royce and a Maserati in the garage and I lived in the
equivalent of about $1 million house. I was really young so I think my neighbors were convinced I was a drug dealer
because I was doing so well and working my own hours. Then from that place, partly because of the crash, and partly
because of my inexperience in business in general, I ended up losing that house to foreclosure and having to sell the
Rolls-Royce for a fraction of what it was worth to make a payroll for my staff and ultimately laying off that staff. I got to a point where I had to paint houses to have enough money to eat. The reason I use this as an example is one day I was painting a house so I could buy groceries and had a bit of a meltdown. Cried a little bit…. got totally disgusted with myself and my pity party… threw the paintbrush down said I’m never gonna feel sorry for myself again and pulled myself up by my bootstraps and then went out and quickly built myself back up in a big way financially. Disgust can sometimes be a very powerful emotion for change. When someone says enough is enough….. Not another day, Like I did it can become a life-changing event. Another emotion that can be used to effectuate change is a decision. The
word decision when you get to its Latin root means to cut off. I like to equate that to cutting off all other options. Ify ou’re in battle I would equate that to burning the ships to take the island. Many people need to be pushed against the wall to finally make a decision. The worst thing in the world is to sit in a place indecision for any length of time. My mentor Tony Robbins says it’s in your moments of decision,that your destiny is shaped…. We all deal with conflicting emotions when we’re facing big decisions and let me say that big decisions should never be made from a place of fear. Ralph Waldo Emerson said once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen and I believe Related quotes to consider:[Follow Rod on Instagram for tons of great quotes] Rod Khleif Meme Rod Khleif Meme Rod Khleif Meme


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