How Do You Find Inspiration? – Rod Khleif

How Do You Find Inspiration

Webster says inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Every person that’s a success creates that success in their life by being inspired. Inspired to take action, inspired to follow through regardless of setbacks, inspired to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Many people wait for inspiration before they start something new. The secret is just to get started and then the inspiration will come. Remember life isn’t just about finding yourself, it’s really more about creating yourself.  And you have to take action to do that. Remember the most successful people do things even before they’re ready and the most successful people look to find their passion and then take action. If you find your passion, you’ll find your inspiration. Find something that excites you and you’ll find your passion and your inspiration which will lead to you finding your purpose. Life is short my friend.  Do things that matter, do things that inspire you and bring you joy.

Sometimes to find what inspires you, you have to explore and get outside your comfort zone. You won’t find inspiration if you’re not looking for it. Push yourself, get outside your comfort zone, find your passion and you’ll find your inspiration. We all want to be stirred and inspired and use that to create passion, joy, and purpose. If you’re struggling finding your passion or inspiration here are some ideas that might help you.
Whenever I’m looking to get inspired, I go away by myself and typically spend the night somewhere in a hotel. I bring a legal pad or a notebook and I just journal, I stay by myself and I go through my goals.  I think about why I want when I want and it really clears my mind and inspires me. I get inspired just walking around the outside of my home and being in nature.
My morning meditation where I’m grateful for the things in my life and also grateful that for the things that I want in my life is very inspirational. Watching a great Ted talk or inspirational or motivational videos on YouTube is an awesome way to get inspired. Going through inspirational quotes online or on social media always gets me juiced. Of course creating a bucket list with your partner or spouse is an awesome way to get excited and inspired together. Taking the time to write your goals and write down why they are important to you and then get pictures of those goals and putting them where you see them every day is very inspirational.

Connecting with someone you know and asking them to tell you what they love the most in life and seeing them enjoy sharing their passion with you is very inspiring. Helping a charity or joining an organization of people that really care about changing their community and the world is very inspiring. Writing a list of your family or friends that you consider heroes can inspire you.

It’s likely is already a lot of inspiration is already around you. Journaling about your life or about what you’re grateful for is very inspirational. Remembering a time when you kicked butt. Something you’re very proud of and reliving that moment can be very inspirational. Exercise always helps me get inspired. Reading great books by super successful people will juice you. Get outside your comfort zone my friend, meet new people, try new things.


Success is 80% mindset and 20% technical ability, if you want to be successful you need to be setting proper goals and take action in order to achieve them. Watch my goal setting and weekly planning process here.


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