How to Succeed – The 7 Steps To Success By Rod Khleif

Today I want to talk about how to succeed. How to succeed in business and in life and give you my seven steps to success. People often ask me what it takes to be a success in the real estate business or in any other business for that matter. I thought I would take a moment and clarify what I believe are the seven steps to success in business or in life.

First off, everything begins with a higher level of consciousness and a dream. You have to think bigger. Anyone that’s ever accomplished anything also had to eliminate limiting beliefs and believe that what they were going after was possible. They had to see the outcome and see themselves in it and living it. So I tell you my friend you need to dream big. You need to write it down think about it and visualize it as if you already have it, and then incorporate the seven steps I am going to tell you in a moment.

Many people are trapped or captive in their environment and all they need to do is take that first small step towards their success. Now their desire to succeed has got to be greater than their fear of failure. Success doesn’t come from one event. It comes as a result of many small steps. But the key is taking that first step even if you don’t see the whole path. Sometimes that first small step of action becomes the biggest step of your life.

So you must take that first step. Sometimes, you have to let go of a few things to get started. Things like past failures, procrastination, excuses, and the opinion of other people or even a need to be right. You just need to take action. Success is never doing something huge in the future; it’s a small step you take right now. Many people think that if they achieve something they will be happy not realizing that happiness comes from forward movement and progress. Remember there’s nobody else responsible for your success, just you. Will you get your nose bloodied? Probably, could you fail, or have a seminar? Sure, will it be worth it? Absolutely. If you stay positive, and persistent, you stay focused. And help others, success is inevitable.

The first step is to know what you want. Remember, without visions the people perish. Set a clear and measurable goal with a timeline and know why it’s an absolute must. Don’t just think it. Write it down. You must know what it is you want and why you want it. So that when you hit a roadblock you remember to focus on the outcome and move through it.

The second step is to be aware that success is a journey, not a destination and you have to associate pleasure with the process and the journey instead of just with the ultimate outcome. Don’t waste your life doing something you don’t enjoy. I know people that travel for a living, teach for a living, catch fish for a living, or play piano for a living, that are all making seven figures because they’re doing what they love. So if you’re trying something new, associate pleasure with it, and learn to love it even if you don’t love it immediately because when you love what you do work is play.

The third step is realizing that you may have to sacrifice comfort and short-term pleasure to achieve anything significant. I remember living in a one-bedroom apartment, when I owned upwards of 100 properties, because I was in acquisition mode, and I didn’t want to squander a penny towards anything nonessential while I was building my fortune. Focus on what you want, and be willing to make some sacrifices now to ultimately live like other people dream.

The fourth step is having a plan and outlining your priorities to achieving that goal, remembering the Pareto principle in that 20% of your tasks will get you 80% of the mileage. You’ve heard the adage fail to plan… Plan to fail and it is absolutely true. Make a plan, get organized, and then take focused action which is the fifth step.

So again, the fifth step is you must take massive action, and then continually do something every day that moves you closer to your goal again remembering that progress equals happiness. As long as you are doing something towards your goal every day you will feel great and be happy because you are making progress. Life is about being happy and that progress will make you happy.

The six steps are to remember to celebrate every small win on your journey to your goal. Because most people encounter setbacks on their paths to their goals it’s important to celebrate progress and small wins so that when you encounter a setback your attitude doesn’t suffer, your drive doesn’t suffer, and you have the fortitude to push through.

The seventh step that I need you to understand and remember is that if one path on your way to your goal trips you up, or you hit a wall or stumbling block on that path. Remember all you have to do is change your approach and try again. And then if another hurdle pops up, keep your eye on the goal and change your approach again and repeat over and over again if necessary until you achieve your ultimate outcome. As long as you remain focused on your goal and why it’s an absolute must all you have to do is just change your approach as needed until you achieve it.

This success formula works my friend, but you must take that first step. Trust me it’s worth it. I am Rod Khleif wishing you incredible passion and massive success in your business and in your life.

Check out my podcast where I release clips called “Own Your Power” that will get you juiced on your mindset to take action. As you’ve heard me say it’s 20% skill and 80% the mindset to take action with what you learn in anything.


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