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How To Build Self Discipline by Rod Khleif

How To Build Self Discipline by Rod Khleif

Theodore Roosevelt said with self-discipline, anything is possible. It’s been said that people have a choice of two pains. The minor pain that comes from some discipline or the ultimate pain of regret. The distance or bridge between your dreams or goals and ultimate success, is discipline. It’s a proven fact that people with self-discipline are happier, healthier and more successful in their lives than those without it.


Frankly a life without discipline is no life at all. Discipline is really a very simple choice. A choice between what you want right now. Versus what you want the most. Your motivation will get you started, but your discipline will bring you home. It’s your discipline, not your desires that shape your destiny. Discipline is foundational.

If you want a successful and happy life it rests on the bedrock of discipline. Your ability to use discipline to delay short-term gratification is instrumental in achieving the life of your dreams. Jim Rohn said success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day, and I will tell you that the more discipline you have in your life, as crazy as it may sound, the easier your life becomes. The most successful people in the world aren’t the smarter ones; they’re the most disciplined ones. Discipline in its simplest form is doing whatever needs to be done even if you don’t feel like doing it. If you want achievement and success discipline is your fuel.

So how do you build self-discipline? First you must become committed. People aren’t born with discipline they build it and develop it through commitment. You must clearly define your goals and become laser focused. Discipline requires developing habits. These don’t need to be major shifts small shifts taken out over time are life-changing. Get rid of your temptations and distractions. Block your time, and laser focus on the task allotted during that blocked time.

If you can’t eliminate your distractions completely block time for them so you know from eight to 9 o’clock Facebook gets you, but that’s the only time it gets you. It’s okay to schedule times or breaks, for fun, social media or just doing nothing. If you schedule all of this and block the time you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. Prioritize what’s important and focus on what will get you the most traction every day when you get to it.

It’s very important to take care of yourself, eat regularly and eat healthy food because how you feel and how fueled you are throughout the day keeps your blood sugar level  keeps you positive, and helps you focus. Small amounts of meditation are very powerful to help you maintain discipline and recharge throughout the day.

And if you fall off the wagon of discipline it’s no big deal forgive yourself, dust yourself off and get back to it. Life will get in the way you will get knocked off track, it’s inevitable and expected so don’t let it derail you just move on

Don’t forget to reward yourself. You must celebrate the small wins. Just because you’re disciplined, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process and enjoy your progress. As you know, progress equals happiness. And remember one thing. The only thing stopping an average person from being extraordinary is discipline and Remember the things you’re doing won’t become easier, you will just become stronger.

Multifamily Demand and Future Outlook

Multifamily Demand and Future Outlook


What do Cleveland, Houston and Kansas City, MO all have in common?  They may be nowhere near each other and have completely different local cultures yet they all made their way onto the National Real Estate Investor’s latest, “Worst Multifamily Markets to Invest In‘ list.  But, why?

What elements are those areas missing that an investor needs to place close attention to?  Multifamily investments can produce longterm cashflow but only if several key factors are present.

What factors are affecting those battered markets?

New construction, high rents, lack of employment opportunities are all red flags to an investor. But, sometimes rent controlled areas of high demand offer no room for profit or competition.  And when that happens the demand is so high that supply hasn’t caught up and it creates a tight market for competition.  And as the construction of new housing slips below the market’s desire prices soar for renters. When does it make sense to participate in a tight market?  When the economy is strong and robust.  California offers many of those kinds of opportunities.  Even though, strict regulations, low supply and dense rivalry create a stressful investor climate, the economy is the largest in the union and will consistently stay in high demand with a population armed with the ability to pay higher prices. So, we addressed some of the worst choices to invest in multifamily but let us look at some winning locales.  Denver, Des Moines and Boston all boast low vacancy and unemployment rates.  Taking the extra time to examine the key factors affecting an area’s economic longevity can save an investor many headaches and costly mistakes.  What winning factors do we like to see in an area where we are deciding to invest in multifamily properties?

  • Employment Rate
  • Population
  • Real Estate (Vacancy rates, Median home prices, etc)
  • Safety
  • Walkability

Other valuable advice for the investor just starting out is to focus on smaller markets where the competition is not so fierce and profits are easily found.  But, you MUST know your market.  If you have intimate knowledge of an area you can use those smaller tertiary markets to create better yields.  Don’t invest in a rural area you know nothing about, instead use the resources available to you to ascertain exactly what the cashflow of that property will be.  Use the numbers to decide the longevity of any deal. If you need a quick recap on some basic investment formulas, check out my video explaining the real estate fundamental formulas and why you should use them before investing your hard-earned money.  Know your NOI from your ROI and CAP Rate before you spend a dime!

Why You Should Invest In Multifamily by Rod Khleif

Today I want to talk about multifamily real estate investing, and why if you’re considering getting involved in real estate investing of any kind, you should do multi family. I’m Rod Khleif host of the number one real estate podcast on iTunes, lifetime cash flow through real estate investing.  I hope you’ll check it out. I’m also author of the book, “how to create lifetime cash flow through multifamily properties”.


So if you’re a new real estate investor, and thinking to yourself, I’ll get started by buying some houses to hold for cash flow.  I wanted to share a different perspective with you. I have owned over 2000 houses so far in my career that I held long-term for cash flow so I’ve got some experience in that arena. I’ve also owned multiple apartment complexes in various states. In 2008 I had 800 houses and some apartment buildings in Florida when the market crashed. I had my butt handed to me in that crash because I’d been focused on the value of my real estate instead of the cash flow. During that massive downturn my multifamily properties did just fine. They contracted sure, like everything did.  But they were still cash flowing positively.  But I couldn’t hold it together for my single-family portfolio. Single-family houses are more expensive and difficult to manage than multifamily. Where you have everything in one location, That was a $50 million seminar for me and the main reason I started my podcast and wrote my first book. I wanted to share with people the huge advantages of buying multi-family versus single-family.

So back to those of you that is thinking about houses to buy and rent. I want to suggest that at the very least, you consider buying duplexes, triplex’s, or fourplexes. What’s great about one of those properties is that if you have a vacancy you very often can still sustain it, or if not, your negative cash flow is much less. If you’re young and thinking about buying your first property to live in again I recommend a duplex triplex or four Plex. You can get fantastic residential financing if you plan to live in the property, with great interest rates and very low down payments. I’ve interviewed several people on my show that acquired large portfolios of properties buying them one Plex at a time and living in them.

I’ve also interviewed and spoken with many people that purchased a Plex and now live for free. So that’s my suggestion if you’re new to real estate. Now if you already own some property and you’re ready for bigger and better things there is no greater wealth building platform than larger multifamily properties. So, the definition of a commercial multifamily property is five units or larger. I’m going to talk about some of the great advantages of buying multifamily properties to build lifetime cash flow. Firstly when you buy commercial multifamily properties, it’s a team sport. And what I mean by that is the bank is going to take a hard look at the property and its ability to service the debt and then they will look at and individual or the team you’ve put together for qualifying for the loan.

So if you have a deficiency in your income, or maybe your net worth isn’t high enough, or maybe you don’t have enough cash for the down payment or equity for the deal, or maybe you don’t have the management experience that will give a bank comfort, you can bring people in on your team to supplement anything you need. That’s how it’s done in commercial real estate. And I love telling my students and coaching clients that I would rather have 50% of something versus 100% of nothing. So if you’re interested in the incredibly exciting field of multifamily real estate investing one of the first things you’re going to do is a self-evaluation and look to fill any deficiencies that you have in those areas of income, net worth, experience, or cash, and bring those people in on your team.

By the way my 200 page free book goes into great detail on all of this, and a lot more, and you can click on the link in this video and below this video to get your free copy. Here are some other incredible things about owning multifamily real estate one is that  typically it can support help with management, multifamily can also sustain downturns in the economy like I described in my experience, and you are truly building lifetime cash flow. If you’re flipping houses or selling real estate as a profession, every January first you go back to work. But if you acquire enough multifamily property, every first of the month you have checks coming in. Real estate of all types affords you with incredible tax benefits, and multi family is no different.

Most real estate investors pay little or no taxes because of the incredible tax benefits of owning real estate in the United States. So let’s recap. Easier to manage than houses, lifetime cash flow, incredible tax benefits. Learning to buy multifamily real estate is just like anything else. Yes you have to roll up your sleeves and apply yourself but it’s a tremendous amount of fun. I equate it to hunting for treasure. You’ll get a tremendous amount of value from listening to my podcast if you don’t already.

Also my free 200 page book is more like a textbook on the topic and teaches you everything you need to know. From picking an area, evaluating that area, how to find deals, how to talk to sellers and brokers lenders and investors, how to finance the deal, even how to manage it. Make sure you click on the link and get your free copy. If you want to dig deeper I have an incredible course and coaching program you can check out at my website Rod Regardless of whether you dig deeper with me or you go out and do this on your own, I hope I’ve got you thinking about multifamily if you’re considering real estate investing. I’m rod Khleif wishing you incredible passion and massive success in your real estate investing career.


How to Succeed – The 7 Steps To Success By Rod Khleif

Today I want to talk about how to succeed. How to succeed in business and in life and give you my seven steps to success. People often ask me what it takes to be a success in the real estate business or in any other business for that matter. I thought I would take a moment and clarify what I believe are the seven steps to success in business or in life.

First off, everything begins with a higher level of consciousness and a dream. You have to think bigger. Anyone that’s ever accomplished anything also had to eliminate limiting beliefs and believe that what they were going after was possible. They had to see the outcome and see themselves in it and living it. So I tell you my friend you need to dream big. You need to write it down think about it and visualize it as if you already have it, and then incorporate the seven steps I am going to tell you in a moment.
Many people are trapped or captive in their environment and all they need to do is take that first small step towards their success. Now their desire to succeed has got to be greater than their fear of failure. Success doesn’t come from one event. It comes as a result of many small steps. But the key is taking that first step even if you don’t see the whole path. Sometimes that first small step of action becomes the biggest step of your life.
So you must take that first step. Sometimes, you have to let go of a few things to get started. Things like past failures, procrastination, excuses, and the opinion of other people or even a need to be right. You just need to take action. Success is never doing something huge in the future; it’s a small step you take right now. Many people think that if they achieve something they will be happy not realizing that happiness comes from forward movement and progress. Remember there’s nobody else responsible for your success, just you. Will you get your nose bloodied? Probably, could you fail, or have a seminar? Sure, will it be worth it? Absolutely. If you stay positive, and persistent, you stay focused. And help others, success is inevitable. So let’s talk about my seven steps to success.
The first step is to know what you want. Remember, without visions the people perish. Set a clear and measurable goal with a timeline and know why it’s an absolute must. Don’t just think it. Write it down. You must know what it is you want and why you want it. So that when you hit a roadblock you remember to focus on the outcome and move through it.
The second step is to be aware that success is a journey, not a destination and you have to associate pleasure with the process and the journey instead of just with the ultimate outcome. Don’t waste your life doing something you don’t enjoy. I know people that travel for a living, teach for a living, catch fish for a living, or play piano for a living, that are all making seven figures because they’re doing what they love. So if you’re trying something new, associate pleasure with it, and learn to love it even if you don’t love it immediately because when you love what you do work is play.
The third step is realizing that you may have to sacrifice comfort and short-term pleasure to achieve anything significant. I remember living in a one-bedroom apartment, when I owned upwards of 100 properties, because I was in acquisition mode, and I didn’t want to squander a penny towards anything nonessential while I was building my fortune. Focus on what you want, and be willing to make some sacrifices now to ultimately live like other people dream.
The fourth step is having a plan and outlining your priorities to achieving that goal, remembering the Pareto principle in that 20% of your tasks will get you 80% of the mileage. You’ve heard the adage fail to plan… Plan to fail and it is absolutely true. Make a plan, get organized, and then take focused action which is the fifth step.
So again, the fifth step is you must take massive action, and then continually do something every day that moves you closer to your goal again remembering that progress equals happiness. As long as you are doing something towards your goal every day you will feel great and be happy because you are making progress. Life is about being happy and that progress will make you happy.
The six steps are to remember to celebrate every small win on your journey to your goal. Because most people encounter setbacks on their paths to their goals it’s important to celebrate progress and small wins so that when you encounter a setback your attitude doesn’t suffer, your drive doesn’t suffer, and you have the fortitude to push through.
The seventh step that I need you to understand and remember is that if one path on your way to your goal trips you up, or you hit a wall or stumbling block on that path. Remember all you have to do is change your approach and try again. And then if another hurdle pops up, keep your eye on the goal and change your approach again and repeat over and over again if necessary until you achieve your ultimate outcome. As long as you remain focused on your goal and why it’s an absolute must all you have to do is just change your approach as needed until you achieve it.
This success formula works my friend, but you must take that first step. Trust me it’s worth it. I am Rod Khleif wishing you incredible passion and massive success in your business and in your life.

3 Reasons Cash Flow Beats Value as a Better Investment Strategy

The Biggest Mistakes In Real Estate investing that I see are… Thinking it is a get rich quick scheme… Just dabbling in investing… Buying in a market you do not know well… Thinking you have to do this business alone… Giving up too fast and being too impatient…

Maybe it was in a hotel conference room as some “celebrity” investor promised you 7 easy steps to getting rich in real estate. Or, perhaps, it was on television, sandwiched between late night re-runs of Mash and Hogan’s Heroes.

Here’s the truth: “buy low, sell high” is a terrible way to make money in real estate!

With so many experts on either side of the question, trying to time what the market will do in the short-term seems crazy to me. Call me lazy, but instead of rooting around for my crystal ball, I’d rather make investment decisions that don’t ride on my ability to predict the future.

By focusing on acquisitions of multi-family properties with healthy cash flow, you can build a portfolio that, could care less about whether the market swings up or turns down.

The only timing you would have to worry about is when to bring a stack of rent checks down to the bank.

3. Cash Flow Begets Cash Flow

Here’s an important question to ask any value-based strategy: where do you get the capital to fund further investments? I can all but guarantee it’ll have to come from selling off assets.

The strategy might look something like this.

1. Buy property A for $100,000.

2. 5 years later, sell property A for $127,000 (5% per year return).

3. Buy property B for $127,000.

4. 5 years later, and so on…

Not only does that kind of a strategy suffer from the two shortcomings I raised above, but it almost guarantees you’ll never put enough assets in your portfolio to generate a stable source of income.

So, let’s say you’d rather not wait to sell property A before you purchase property B. Well, if you’ve paid more attention to hoped-for appreciation than present cash flow, your debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) on property A will probably be too low for any decent lender to trust you with a loan.

Run as far as you can from value-based investing. Instead, focus on properties with healthy cash flow numbers, and you’ll have no trouble building and sourcing capital to put towards further acquisitions. That’s how you’re ultimately going to win in real estate investment.

As a general bit of advice, “buy low, sell high” makes a ton of sense. As an investing strategy, on the other hand, it’ll get you into a lot of trouble. Focus on cash flow, and you’ll set yourself up to steadily build a portfolio full of fantastic properties—all without having to worry about an unruly real estate market.

When I first started out in real estate investment, value-based investment was the name of the game. Find a property under market value, get it in your portfolio, and pray that it appreciates enough to sell for a decent gain a couple of years down the line.

Then do it over and over again.

I followed that formula that and it worked… for a while. In 2006, I saw my portfolio skyrocket by $17 million. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to get comfortable at the top of that mountain. That gain—and a whole lot more—completely vanished in 2008.

The way I see it, the old way of investing in real estate makes three big assumptions:

1. Real estate markets behave predictably.

2. Your can reliably time the market.

3. Appreciation will consistently provide enough equity to fund future investments.

As I learned firsthand in 2008, each of those assumptions is shaky at best. Worse, if a single one of them doesn’t pan out, your entire strategy takes a significant hit.

So, if this is a losing strategy, what do you need to replace it with? In what follows, I’m going to give you three reasons why I strongly believe that a strategy based on maximizing cash flow blows value-based investing right out of the water.

1. Cash Flow Knows How to Behave

Economist like to talk about something called the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). EMH generally holds that, in markets like the New York Stock Exchange, everybody knows everything there is to know about every publicly traded stock. There are no deals to be had on the stock market. With the rare (illegal) exception, you can’t get the inside line on a bundle of Wal-Mart shares at under market value. In that way, the stock market is highly efficient.

Real estate markets, on the other hand, aren’t very efficient at all. Nobody knows everything there is to know about a property because no two properties are identical. Every buyer/seller interaction is unique. You may be able to snag a $150,000 property for $120,000 simply because the seller needed the cash today and you happened to be the first guy he saw.

Another way of saying the market is inefficient, however, is to say it doesn’t know how to behave. We can do our best to analyze value and make informed decisions about what we think values will do, but at the end of the day, we’re subject to the same market misbehavior we’re trying to capitalize on.

Buying a property with the hope that the market will behave in your favor, then, is like slapping a saddle on a wild horse with the hope that it’ll get you where you need to go… in one piece.

Cash Flow, on the other hand, knows how to behave. It’s not indexed to the whims of the market. Instead, it’s tied to rental income, taxes, operating expenses, and debt service. Buy prudently, keep your property occupied, and you’ll have a steady stream of income that could care less about what the market is or isn’t doing.

That sounds like a much more reliable plan to me. Wouldn’t you agree?

2. You Don’t Have to be a Prophet to Make a Profit

I’ve already mentioned my experience with the Great Recession of 2008. The jury is still out on whether we should expect another downturn in the near future. Some say no, but offer a fairly modest outlook on future growth. Others offer a more pessimistic—some would say alarmist— take on the near-term housing market. I’m in the latter camp. Real estate has always moved in cycles just like life and we are due for a contraction.

The Biggest Mistakes In Real Estate Investing with Rod Khleif

The Biggest Mistakes In Real Estate Investing with Rod Khleif

The Biggest Mistakes In Real Estate investing that I see are… Thinking it is a get rich quick scheme… Just dabbling in investing… Buying in a market you do not know well… Thinking you have to do this business alone… Giving up too fast and being too impatient…

Continue Reading >>

• Analysis paralysis
• Using the sellers numbers and expecting them to be true
• Not adjusting the amount for property taxes on pro-forma
• Not properly estimating negative cash flow or extensive repairs
• Buying a property without looking at true economic vacancy
• Buying a property based on future appreciation or value vs. cash flow
• Misjudging market rent value
• Not asking for seller financing
• Buying a property in your own name
• Choosing Bad Contractors

Can you think of anything more?

How Do You Find Inspiration? – Rod Khleif

How Do You Find Inspiration

Webster says inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Every person that’s a success creates that success in their life by being inspired. Inspired to take action, inspired to follow through regardless of setbacks, inspired to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Many people wait for inspiration before they start something new. The secret is just to get started and then the inspiration will come.

Remember life isn’t just about finding yourself, it’s really more about creating yourself.  And you have to take action to do that. Remember the most successful people do things even before they’re ready and the most successful people look to find their passion and then take action. If you find your passion, you’ll find your inspiration. Find something that excites you and you’ll find your passion and your inspiration which will lead to you finding your purpose. Life is short my friend.  Do things that matter, do things that inspire you and bring you joy.

Sometimes to find what inspires you, you have to explore and get outside your comfort zone. You won’t find inspiration if you’re not looking for it. Push yourself, get outside your comfort zone, find your passion and you’ll find your inspiration. We all want to be stirred and inspired and use that to create passion, joy, and purpose. If you’re struggling finding your passion or inspiration here are some ideas that might help you.

Whenever I’m looking to get inspired, I go away by myself and typically spend the night somewhere in a hotel. I bring a legal pad or a notebook and I just journal, I stay by myself and I go through my goals.  I think about why I want when I want and it really clears my mind and inspires me. I get inspired just walking around the outside of my home and being in nature.

My morning meditation where I’m grateful for the things in my life and also grateful that for the things that I want in my life is very inspirational. Watching a great Ted talk or inspirational or motivational videos on YouTube is an awesome way to get inspired. Going through inspirational quotes online or on social media always gets me juiced. Of course creating a bucket list with your partner or spouse is an awesome way to get excited and inspired together. Taking the time to write your goals and write down why they are important to you and then get pictures of those goals and putting them where you see them every day is very inspirational.

Connecting with someone you know and asking them to tell you what they love the most in life and seeing them enjoy sharing their passion with you is very inspiring. Helping a charity or joining an organization of people that really care about changing their community and the world is very inspiring. Writing a list of your family or friends that you consider heroes can inspire you.

It’s likely is already a lot of inspiration is already around you. Journaling about your life or about what you’re grateful for is very inspirational. Remembering a time when you kicked butt. Something you’re very proud of and reliving that moment can be very inspirational. Exercise always helps me get inspired. Reading great books by super successful people will juice you. Get outside your comfort zone my friend, meet new people, try new things

Should I Invest In Real Estate In 2017? With Rod Khleif

Should I buy real estate in 2017?   I often get the question should I buy real estate in 2017? Real estate values go through cycles. And we’re at the top of the cycle right now. There will be a contraction in the near future. In fact Rich dad poor dad author Robert Kiyosaki was recently quoted in a podcast saying that the contraction is already started.
read more

Additionally…..The acclaimed economist and best-selling author Harry Dent just came out with a book titled the sale of a lifetime how the great bubble burst of 2017 through 2019 can make you rich. And he also states that the contraction has already started. So you think to
yourself is it really a good time to buy real estate in 2017? Let’s answer that question…….I’m going to break it down between buying a home to live in versus buying investment real estate. So, Let’s start with buying a home to live in. Well the first thing I would say to you if you’re looking to buy yourself your first home is that if you’re ever going to be interested in actually investing in real estate that you should
consider buy a duplex triplex or fourplex. That way when you move up you’ve already got your first rental property and if you purchase it right you could live very inexpensively or even for free in many cases…… with the renters in your other units paying your mortgage payment. That said, purchasing a home to live in is a subjective and emotional purchase. Because there is emotion involved and you need a place to live those factors come into play. The interest rates are still incredibly low historically so I would tell you to weigh the fact that you’ll likely be paying top dollar for the home……against the fact that you’ve got great low interest rates. Many people say it’s likely that interest rates will continue to go up and not reach these low levels again. I’m not sure I believe that but who knows……..That said, if you are asking my personal opinion, I would not buy a single-family home to live in right now because the prices will likely go down in value enough to justify a slightly higher interest rate if the rates go up. . Now I take a different position as it relates to multi family
investment property….


How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money By Rod Khleif

Today, I want to talk about how to invest in real estate with no money….. or very little money.  I’ve owned over 2000 houses that I rented out and held long term as well as multiple apartment communities…. so far in my career. I believe in buying property to hold long-term and that the best properties to do that with are multifamily. Those of you that listen to my podcast or have read my book know that my focus now is multi family properties. That said though….

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Continue Reading

Even though I suggest focusing on multifamily,…. I’m gonna tell you how I bought 500 houses in Denver with none of my own money. There is a formula for that. How I accomplished that is much different from how you can buy multi family with little or no money…. which I’m also going to share with you today. So we’ll start with single family. The bottom line key to buying any type of property with none of your own money is putting together a system to find great deals. ….I’ve always said …..and many other real estate thought leaders agree…… that if you find the deal you’ll find the  money. Now that’s a very simplistic statement so let me dig into it for you. The key to buying property with little or none of your own money is your ability to find great deals and then be competent and confident enough to influence people to invest with you. So let’s talk about each of those components. How to find deals? You’re not going to find great deals listed on the market. You have to set up a machine that gets off market deals coming across your desk. And there are a number of ways that you can do that. For example driving around and looking for rundown properties.I’ll give you a big example of how well that works in just a minute. I personally bought hundreds of houses going and knocking on doors of people that were in foreclosure. Going up to the door and saying hey I saw your having some trouble with XYZ mortgage company and I help people in these situations you want to chat about it? Now… If you’ve listened to my podcast or read my book you’ll have heard me say that if you’re willing to do what other people are willing to do you’ll be a success. I’ll give you a couple other examples of that in a minute.

How To Become a Millionaire By Rod Khleif

Have you ever said to yourself…. I know I was meant to be more? I know I was destined for bigger things? I see other people make a lot of money and I know I deserve it too?….. Have you wondered how they do it? How people make their first million quickly, when they start with little or nothing?  read more


My name is Rod Khleif and I immigrated to this country when I
was six years old. I couldn’t speak English and we had very little money. I had to wear clothes from the Goodwill and we
drank powdered milk and had to buy expired bread because that’s all we could afford. I only say that so that so you
realize I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I know many people have had it even harder than we did. I
learned about hard work from my mother. She would babysat children so we had extra money. She used that babysitting
money to buy the house across the street from us. When I saw how much money she’d made in just a couple years I
decided to get into real estate. I’ve now owned over 2000 houses and apartment building. I have built 22 businesses so
far in my life….and some of those have been worth tens of millions of dollars. I don’t tell you this to brag. I have also had
many failures which I call seminars throughout my career. I’m only telling you all of this so you have some framework
around my ability to possibly speak on the subject of becoming a millionaire. I’ve seen the formula that works to become
a millionaire quickly both in my own life and in the scores of successful people that I know.
So.……. how do you become a millionaire quickly? Let me share the formula with you. The most important component of
this success formula to becoming a millionaire is to make sure your mindset is right. Many people have skewed mindsets
about money. It’s important for you to evaluate how you actually think about money. Surprisingly many people
subconsciously don’t believe they deserve to be wealthy. Maybe they had parents that said things like money doesn’t
grow on trees or maybe they associated wealth with greed. So make sure you focus on getting your head right around
money and the fact that you deserve it. I think that’s probably one of the most important pieces of this. 80% of your
success in anything including your life is your mindset and only 20% is the actual mechanics or business. Make sure you
don’t have a poverty mindset. Remember that what you focus on becomes your reality so if you’re focusing on how little
you have that’s what you get more of. Be sure to focus on what you want…. That ties in to the next very important piece
of your success in becoming a millionaire quickly and that is you must write down your goals. You’ve heard the saying,
without a vision the people perish. You have to have a vision for your future that compels you.

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