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I’m glad you found your way to this page. So, by now you may have listened to a few of my over 300 episodes of The Lifetime Cash Flow podcast, or perhaps you have read my book, Lifetime Cash Flow through Multifamily Properties.

No matter how you found your way here, I’m thrilled you did! I’d like to learn about your goals and aspirations and tell you about some of my programs and see if there’s a fit. I want you to succeed in life and help you get to your desired outcome – quickly.

As you probably know, I love training aspiring real estate investors and entrepreneurs on the “nuts and bolts” of Multifamily Investing. I also love coaching on the “psychology of success”. I believe you not only need the technical skills, but also the correct mindset to attain your dreams.

I’ve had many successes in my career, and I’ve also had many “seminars”, life-long lessons that have shaped me and made me uniquely qualified in Multifamily Investing. If you’ve listened to my podcast or been to one of my live events, you’ve heard me say “Ask Me How I Know” which has become a personal badge of honor. I’ve been there and done it all. I’m eager to teach, train, mentor and push you across the finish line of your real estate investing goals.

Please know this, I don’t just teach theory like a lot of others out there. I am an active investor and always looking for new deals. I’m extremely proud of our syndication business where we let our investors see everything from the inside out.

I’d like to find out more about your journey. Are you just starting out? Have you flipped a few homes and want to get into multifamily? Are you looking at multifamily as a passive investor? Do you already have over 100 doors and need to take your business to the next level? Frankly my friend, no matter where you are on your multifamily journey, you have indeed come to the right place and I’m grateful you have taken the time to check out what I have to offer.

I’ve made it easy to get started. Click on the LEARN link to get started with training. We can help get you into the program that’s a perfect fit and help you take down your first multifamily property.

– or – 

If you are interested in multifamily as an investment vehicle and are an accredited investor, click on the INVEST link and we’ll get you into an appropriate program.

Here’s my promise to you…

Work with me and together we’ll help you achieve your goals and dreams. I’ve been blessed to get amazing ratings and testimonials across the board when it comes to my programs. But don’t take my word for it, click on one of the links, fill out a short form and then sit back and experience my excellent and caring staff first hand. They’ll help you determine how you want to work with me and get you into the program that works for you.

I think you’ll discover that it’s hard to find a better hands-on training or investing program out there.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Rod Khleif

  • Devoted Husband & Father
  • Dutch Immigrant
  • Owned and Managed over 2000 properties
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Active Apartment Syndicator
  • Founder and President of Tiny Hands Foundation serving over 60,000 children
  • Lifetime Cash Flow Podcast host with over 5 Million downloads
  • Author and Speaker

Yes Rod!

I’m ready to take the next step!


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