From Bootcamp to retirement in one year

Ep #522 – MFRS – From Bootcamp to retirement in one year

Loren Jacobs is a multifaceted entrepreneur with his hands in a lot of pies. Jacob attended Rod’s Bootcamp a year ago and now has a growing multifamily portfolio.…

Accelerating from Single Family to Multifamily Quicker

Ep #521 – Accelerating from Single Family to Multifamily Quicker

David Kamara started his real estate investing career with duplexes and triplexes. He started listening to this podcast and realized he could leverage his time and money quickly by getting …

Active Military and Crushing it His First Year

Ep #519 – MFRS – Active military and crushing it his first year

Noel Walton has been in the Warrior program for just one year. In that time he has made some significant moves as a leader in the multifamily …

Multifamily Construction From the Ground Up

Ep #518 – Multifamily construction from the ground up

Joseph Bramante is in 1000 doors from Houston to Corpus Cristie. Joseph’s current focus is on new construction. We had a great discussion about navigating getting a new complex designed, approved, …

Better Investment Than the Stock Market?

Ep #516 – MFRS – Better Investment than the Stock Market?

Edward Lowell has been in multifamily real estate as a sideline for only three years and has already purchased 95 doors and counting.

  • The progression of a multifamily investor

Growing Wealth by Going Bigger

Ep #515 – Growing wealth by going bigger – 0 to over 3000 doors in 3 years.

Darin Batchelder is an LP in close to 4000 doors as well as having positions as a GP and KP. All in just …