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4000 Doors without Syndicating

Ep #527 – 4000 Doors without Syndicating

David Lagat went from a W2 job and house hacking a 4 plex to 4000 doors by himself. Now David is syndicating and growing his business. Here’s some of what we talked about.…

Multifamily Construction From the Ground Up

Ep #518 – Multifamily construction from the ground up

Joseph Bramante is in 1000 doors from Houston to Corpus Cristie. Joseph’s current focus is on new construction. We had a great discussion about navigating getting a new complex designed, approved, …

Growing Wealth by Going Bigger

Ep #515 – Growing wealth by going bigger – 0 to over 3000 doors in 3 years.

Darin Batchelder is an LP in close to 4000 doors as well as having positions as a GP and KP. All in just …

What first-time multifamily borrowers need to know

Ep #507 – What first-time multifamily borrowers need to know.

Blake Janover advises borrowers on every part of the CRE investment process, from acquisition to disposition. Blake specializes in helping first-time borrowers get their deal done. Here’s some of what …

Why Wealthy People Own Real Estate

Ep #492 – Anna Kelly – Why Wealthy People Own Real Estate


Anna started by house hacking in central PA as a hedge against a failing business in 2009. Her lessons and insight are incredibly valuable – especially now …

Deconstructing Successful Multifamily Deals

Ep #469 – Robert Ritzenthaler – Deconstructing Successful Multifamily Deals

Rod and Robert deconstruct recent assets they have purchased and what they look for in a property to invest in.

  • Jobs drive multifamily
  • Keeping an eye on the path to