Multifamily Rock Stars

How a Single Mom Created Financial Freedom

Ep #499 – MFRS How a single mom created financial freedom

Mandy McAllister is a single mom, a full time employee, a real estate entrepreneur and a Multifamily Rock Star

  • Building your team
  • Advantages of Self Directed IRA
  • 50% Return

The Path to Multifamily Success

Ep #496 – Multifamily Rock Stars – Matt Spangenberg

Matt’s story of goals achieved is super inspiring. We overestimate what we can do in one year and grossly underestimate what we can do in ten years. Some of the topics …

Investing in D-Class Properties

Ep #493 – Multifamily Rock Stars – Eric and Tamara Leever

Multifamily Rock Stars Eric and Tamara Leever have overt 70 doors. With a unique background from house hacking and flipping to construction, their story is inspiring. Here’s what we …

The Iron Man of Multifamily

Ep #490 – Multifamily Rock Stars – Jeff Guo

Jeff is an Iron Man, a Family Man, and a Multifamily Man. His story is inspiring and motivating. Jeff shares an incredible tip for parents toward the end of the interview.…