45 Foundational Articles

Understanding the Personal Financial Statement
Financing Your Deal: Understanding the Capital Stack
Measuring Returns: IRR vs. Equity Multiple
Get Your Deal Approved – Understanding How a Lender Underwrites a Multifamily Loan Request
Measuring Returns: Understanding How IRR Works
The Power of Mastermind Groups in Multifamily Real Estate Investment
Ten Ways to Increase Revenue in an Apartment Investment
4 Mistakes You Better Not Make in Apartment Syndication
“Value-Add Opportunity” What does it mean, and should I consider it?
What You Need to Know About Multifamily Real Estate in a College Town
Evaluating Expenses-Tricks of the Trade
Recourse vs. Non-Recourse Multifamily Financing: What’s the Difference?
7 Core Questions to Guide Your Due Diligence
Investing Outside Your Home Market? Do This First.
The Liability of Equity: Why Debt-Free Isn’t Always the Way to Be
Why House Hacking a Plex is the Best Possible Way to Start Investing
Mind over Mechanics: Why Real Estate Investors Need More than Skill – Own Your Power
The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Multifamily Investors Make
5 Ways to Increase the NOI on Your Multifamily Property
Is Debt Really That Bad? Utilizing Debt vs. Equity
10 Steps to Your First Small Multifamily
12 Tips For Successful Networking – Own Your Power
2 Things Multifamily Real Estate Investors Need to Know About the New Tax Law
Tenant Turnover: Its Costs and What You Can Do to Minimize Them
The 9 Things You Need to Know About Property Management Companies
What a Landlord Needs to Do to Prepare for Disaster
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Multifamily Real Estate
Do These 4 Things to Jump Start Your Multifamily Investment Business
Investing in Multifamily Properties While Working Full-Time
10 Ways to Find Good Real Estate Deals
What You Need to Know About the Letter of Intent
6 Reasons to Make Your First Home a Multifamily Property
A Quick Guide to Business Structures for Real Estate Investors
FHA Loans for Multifamily Real Estate Investors
What Every Landlord Needs to Know about Rent Control, Eviction, and Anti-Discrimination Laws
The 10 – Step Quick Start to Multifamily Investing
On Finding the “Perfect” Real Estate Deal
7 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time to Become a Landlord
Marketing 101 for Real Estate Syndicators
How to Manage Your Own Multi-Family Property
What Do Successful People Have in Common?
Multifamily Demand and Future Outlook
3 Reasons Cash Flow Beats Value as a Better Investment Strategy
The 5 Best Ways to Add Value to a Property and Increase the NOI
What Does the Capitalization Rate Really Tell You?