Ep #545 – Robert Martinez of Rockstar Capital – 4200 doors

Robert Martinez of Rockstar Capital has built a name for himself and his company through hard work, a savvy marketing mind, and commitment to his staff. We had a great interview that I know you will get value from. Here’s some of what we covered on the wide ranging discussion:

  • Control the game
  • What to measure – KPIs
  • Controlling the story
  • Importance of Pipeline
  • Reputation management
  • Impact of Covid
  • Landlord liens
  • Importance of being proactive in a crisis
  • “Adversity sharpens the knife”
  • The value and importance of investing in staff
  • CEO
    • Concentrate on Goals (C)
    • Execute on Strategy (E)
    • Optimize Systems (O)
  • Don’t let the “good” get in the way of the “great”
  • Doing it for love of the game
  • Helping each other get to the mountain
  • Don’t believe in fear

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