Armel Bayot, hailing from the stunning Philippines, overcame early hardships and embraced entrepreneurship while caring for his siblings and grandmother. Starting with a small business selling native products and coffee beans, he transitioned from aspiring engineer to a nursing career. As an immigrant with a tenacious mindset, Armel ventured into real estate, progressing from single-family homes to multifamily properties. Inspired by influential figures like Kevin O’Leary and Terrence Doyle, he now aims to make a mark in the multifamily real estate industry.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • Armel’s First Deal
  • What Caused The Switch From Single To Multifamily
  • Zero Experience and Getting Your First Deal
  • How To Start Raising Money For Multifamily Deals
  • Getting Passed The Initial Fear Of The First step
  • Why People Are Willing To Give Their Capital To Multifamily Deals

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