Victor Gomez is a Business Administration graduate and spent a decade in the USA Banks’ Mexico City headquarters before making a transformative move to Florida in 2012. There, he founded a Construction Company and a successful Brokerage Firm, flipping over 300 properties and developing five homes. Currently, he manages a thriving Property Management Company, overseeing 260 doors and assets exceeding 54 million dollars. Victor’s journey exemplifies a dynamic blend of financial expertise, real estate acumen, and entrepreneurial success.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • Victor’s Construction Background That Led To Multifamily
  • Creating a Property Management Company
  • How Victor Leveraged His Past Skills For Multifamily
  • The Benefits Of Buying And Holding A Property
  • What You Need In Order For You To Take Action
  • The Benefits Of Having A Mentor In Every Aspect Of Life
  • The Family Team And How Well It Can Work
  • Getting Over The Beginner’s Fear In Multifamily

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“Rod”,”00:00:00:00″,”00:00:20:11″,”Welcome back to multifamily rock star. So as you guys know, this is where we interview people that are just crushing it in this business. And we show you the inside scoop as to how multifamily investors are creating massive success in their businesses and of course, in their lives as well. And as always, I’ve got my co-host is the director of our massive action team for my Warrior group, Mark Nagy on Hey, Mark.”

“Mark”,”00:00:20:11″,”00:00:28:21″,”A-Rod, happy to be back at it again. I know it took a couple of weeks off here just because you had a thousand people at your three day boot camp recently, which was awesome.”

“Rod”,”00:00:28:22″,”00:00:51:12″,”Yeah, I’m still recovering, actually. I think I’m about 90%, but I’m but I’m still recovering. So we’ve got a great guest today. His name is Victor Gomez. And Victor, actually has a lot of background in construction. He has a construction company and he he moved here from Mexico and he has a property management company. He manages doors 260 doors for four other people.”

“Rod”,”00:00:51:12″,”00:01:03:06″,”And then since he’s been a warrior, he’s gotten into 141 units, 130 as a as a syndication and 11 in a joint venture. So very excited to have him on. Victor, welcome to the show, my friend.”

“Victor”,”00:01:03:07″,”00:01:07:02″,”Hello. Drug. Hello, Mark. Thanks so much for having me. He’s such an honor to be here.”

“Rod”,”00:01:07:03″,”00:01:26:23″,”Thank you. Thank you. So why not? You know, I know that English isn’t your first language, so we’ll. We’ll get through it. That’s okay. Thank you. And just, you know, that’s just in my opinion, that’s just an additional testament to your determination and drive to make this happen. So, you know, there’s no reason that that’s the reason you’re successful, because you don’t let anything stop you.”

“Rod”,”00:01:27:03″,”00:01:38:12″,”But why don’t you take a minute and give us a little better background on who you are and and, you know, maybe why you join the Warrior program. Why you why real estate? Yeah. So just take it away, my friend.”

“Victor”,”00:01:38:13″,”00:02:01:16″,”Thanks so much. So I started my career in corporate banking. I used to work for American banks back in Mexico. I always wanted to come to the US, you know, to leave here at that. But when I joined the banks, there was a financial crisis. So I took you know, I wanted to come here. But my bosses that they want they wanted to send me here.”

“Victor”,”00:02:01:16″,”00:02:25:13″,”But no matter how hard I tried, they were saying, like, we are fighting the people. So we cannot send you to the. So I just quit my job. I started a construction company. I came here, you know, like that back then. My friends, they were saying, like I was crazy to leave a permanent job. Right. But, you know, you just roll up your sleeves and go out there and pursue your dream.”

“Victor”,”00:02:25:15″,”00:02:36:12″,”And I started I became a broker as well, doing real estate. I start to I have flip over 300 single family houses. So far. Wow.”

“Rod”,”00:02:36:18″,”00:02:56:14″,”So you got your broker’s license, You flipped over 300 houses. You left a great job in Mexico City, too, to just come blindly, come to the United States to chase your dream. That is frickin beautiful, brother. I mean, I mean, that’s that’s. That’s the ultimate immigration story, if you ask me. So that’s beautiful. And then you started your property management company as well.”


“Victor”,”00:02:57:01″,”00:03:20:14″,”Yeah. Actually, it was during the pandemic that, you know, I had I became too comfortable probably I would say it was for me, it’s really easy to get deals, you know, wholesalers or people trying to find me always because I am a go getter. I always get like a lot of deals and they call me. They started to, you know, we were locked down.”

“Victor”,”00:03:20:18″,”00:03:56:15″,”We couldn’t do a lot of things. So that’s when I started listening to your podcast, which is, you know, to drill when all, all what you can get. And that’s why I decided to go and you out of your mentorship and which that’s bring me to a scale I’m you’re coaching gave me so much confidence in myself then now I can take more customers more more with more Clyde, more friends to to join me, to partner, to show them what I’m really doing, how good I am at doing what I’m doing.”

“Victor”,”00:03:56:15″,”00:04:15:15″,”So so definitely that’s that’s one of the best things that I have done in order to scale up my business. Before I was lead my family. And now we have over 20 something partners. And, you know, it’s this is really what gets me the most. Your coach that brought me here now.”

“Rod”,”00:04:15:16″,”00:04:36:02″,”Thank you. Now, I know you know, you did a syndication and you also did a joint venture, which are two completely different things. So those are you listening. A joint venture is when everybody that’s in it’s in the deal is actively involved in the deal. They’re all doing work on the deal. Now, syndication is when, you know, you take money from somebody and they’re not involved.”

“Rod”,”00:04:36:02″,”00:04:45:01″,”You have to do a syndication, not a big deal. You just hire an attorney and you do it. But that I know you did both of those with warriors, right? The JV and the syndication, is that correct?”

“Victor”,”00:04:45:05″,”00:05:03:18″,”Yeah, it was. It was a such a great experience to just get them. I used to have I used to be doing this what you know, and single family, which is one by one, but never managed a property that big, you know, all is kind of the same, but you know, so go big, go home, as you say.”

“Victor”,”00:05:03:20″,”00:05:12:00″,”So it’s getting bigger and you know that the the knowledge you get, it’s it’s quite awesome when you join a syndication for.”

“Rod”,”00:05:12:02″,”00:05:13:08″,”Yeah sure. Sure.”

“Mark”,”00:05:13:13″,”00:05:26:02″,”How does you leverage your background? You said you came from construction as well as property management company. How did you use that experience and then roll that over into now being a multifamily investor or have you used that at all?”

“Victor”,”00:05:26:02″,”00:05:49:13″,”Yeah, definitely. I think I have a lot of input, you know, for on the single family space where I’m, you know, what I have been, I’ve been doing everything right since, since trying to get the deals, do the, the due diligence, I mean the deal of the writing, trying to get the lenders in place. You know, the management of the company did a renovation.”

“Victor”,”00:05:49:15″,”00:06:22:19″,”So now bringing this is is a little pie to the to the you know, to be cake because, you know, it’s like I said, it’s completely it’s kind of the same. But in a bigger way. So so I have been bringing all this probably not a small knowledge that I have which have held my my, my words, my, my partners to to, you know, to to leverage what they know and help us, you know, create a better relations or better, you know, content trying to manage better the properties.”

“Rod”,”00:06:22:20″,”00:06:46:03″,”Sure, sure, sure. You know, as part of this journey of yours, I mean, you’ve you’ve you’ve done some major things. You immigrated. You didn’t have anything when you got here. You just built built yourself out of nothing here. And as part of the progress into multifamily, were there any aha moments, any moments where you’re like, okay, now I get it, You know, you did 300 flips.”

“Rod”,”00:06:46:05″,”00:07:00:10″,”I’m guessing at some point you’re like, okay, I’m only as good as the last flip, so maybe I should look at something else. Maybe that was one. But I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but any, any moments that were like, we call them epiphanies where you’re like, okay, now I get it kind of a moment.”

“Rod”,”00:07:00:10″,”00:07:03:00″,”If you have anything comes to mind when I ask that.”

“Victor”,”00:07:03:02″,”00:07:26:19″,”Yeah. KING When I was doing COVID, I began to read some of the books that you are sending us to listen books. And and one of the biggest changes to to our family, actually, because we all my family work together here with us, with me, it’s now we are not selling the properties. Now we are keeping all the properties.”

“Victor”,”00:07:26:19″,”00:07:47:02″,”I understand where the west long term wealth you know, what is the legacy that we want to leave. I like I said, I regret so much about, you know, selling all these properties now, now, that’s why we started again with the property management company, because now we manage the property to get, you know, get to the long term.”

“Victor”,”00:07:47:02″,”00:07:54:06″,”Well, I strongly believe in that. And, and and again that’s what is has been that’s huge. Our business. Yeah.”

“Rod”,”00:07:54:08″,”00:08:10:06″,”Yeah that’s huge. I will tell you I’ve regret just about every property I’ve ever seen There’s a couple, there’s a couple dogs like Shreveport and stuff that I Memphis stuff that I sold. But other than that I regret every one. You know, my first interview was with a billionaire named Albert Barras, and he said something that really stuck with me.”

“Rod”,”00:08:10:06″,”00:08:28:09″,”And he said, you know, I’m a real estate buyer, not a seller. And, you know, and I appreciate you acknowledging the books that I said, you know, my love language is gifts. There’s a book called The Five Love Languages My Love. And I got to have the author on my show. But my love language is gifts. So, you know, as you know, my warriors get lots of books from me, but thank you.”


“Mark”,”00:08:28:17″,”00:08:39:08″,”What are some of the, you know, coming from that property management background? What what are some of the biggest mistakes or the most costly mistakes that you see happen on the property management side of these deals?”

“Victor”,”00:08:39:10″,”00:08:43:05″,”The biggest mistake is not doing the correct inspection, that’s for sure.”


“Victor”,”00:08:44:01″,”00:08:44:21″,”Yeah. Inspection.”

“Rod”,”00:08:44:21″,”00:08:49:03″,”Yeah. The due diligence he’s talking about in initial initial inspections, right?”

“Victor”,”00:08:49:03″,”00:09:11:12″,”Correct. Exactly. Sometimes you want to everybody wants to say, right. So everybody at the beginning wants to not perform any specific inspection like, you know, like plumbing deep or roof in deep. And people think sometimes that you can save some money by not doing some kind of inspections. But then in the long run, you can regret about what is coming out there, you know, because my arms.”


“Victor”,”00:09:11:20″,”00:09:15:03″,”Good outside, but inside is not like that.”

“Rod”,”00:09:15:05″,”00:09:34:00″,”When you don’t dig deep, you don’t find stuff. You know, I tell the story of my asset in San Antonio, 296 units, and I and I always bring an inspector and I’ve inspected thousands of properties, probably tens of thousands, actually. And so I’m pretty good at it. But I always bring somebody else. And I brought a general contractor and he saw something that I didn’t see.”

“Rod”,”00:09:34:05″,”00:09:53:10″,”And you had to stand just perfectly at a wall to see that the wall was bulging at the top. And so there was some structural damage. And we got a six figure settlement from the seller because I brought this guy for a couple ago for a thousand, probably less than a thousand to come inspect. And and we made, you know, six figures in a concession to get that stuff fixed.”

“Rod”,”00:09:53:10″,”00:10:09:21″,”So yeah no you in and you know you just you can’t see what’s in the sewer lines. If there’s trees you better scope the sewer lines. You know, if it’s an older property, you better make sure it’s not aluminum wiring. And if it is, it better have pigtails and so on and so forth. Some of the PVC is, is substandard as well.”

“Rod”,”00:10:09:23″,”00:10:27:01″,”So. So let me ask you this. You know, we get a lot of people that haven’t taken action on their dreams yet. They know they want this, this they know they want to do something. And and they they can see that there are deals coming. And I can tell you they’re coming. We’ve got Eloisa on for deals right now by the way, in Lower Guys is a letter of intent.”

“Rod”,”00:10:27:05″,”00:10:43:18″,”You do that before you sign a contract because you always have, you know, always use an attorney for contracts. And contracts cost money, right? So you do what’s called a letter of intent to let the seller or the broker know of your intent to want to buy it. You work out the major deal points and then you do a then you do a contract.”

“Rod”,”00:10:43:23″,”00:11:00:08″,”But but the you know, we get a lot of listeners that that know they need to do something. Haven’t taken action yet. But you know what words of wisdom would you share with somebody like an aspiring real estate commercial real estate investor, somebody that knows they should do something, maybe want to do this? What would you say to them?”

“Victor”,”00:11:00:08″,”00:11:03:02″,”Well, first of all. Or junior programs or mentor.”

“Rod”,”00:11:03:08″,”00:11:06:23″,”Well, okay, I wasn’t I wasn’t I wasn’t reaching for that. But thank you.”

“Victor”,”00:11:07:02″,”00:11:22:19″,”You have to be action. Take care. You have to to really want and pursue that dream I have. So, you know, I know some people that they will probably read thousand books, but they’re never apply what they read. Yeah.”

“Rod”,”00:11:22:20″,”00:11:23:14″,”They don’t do it.”

“Victor”,”00:11:23:14″,”00:11:45:08″,”Yeah, they don’t do it. So you have to have the guts to do it to not to take the action right in, in for example, you have to get a mentor, you have to get always at people that has the knowledge to show you the way, the correct way. I know people that they do it by themselves. There are some really smart people that they can do it by themselves.”

“Victor”,”00:11:45:08″,”00:11:54:07″,”It doesn’t it doesn’t say that it’s, you know, you got to do it, but it’s easier if you get a mentor like to teach you that the correct way to do it.”

“Rod”,”00:11:54:07″,”00:11:55:16″,”And it’s faster.”

“Victor”,”00:11:55:18″,”00:11:56:23″,”Faster and.”

“Rod”,”00:11:57:00″,”00:11:57:17″,”It’s faster.”

“Victor”,”00:11:57:18″,”00:12:00:04″,”Yeah, a little less costly, I will say.”

“Rod”,”00:12:00:06″,”00:12:27:19″,”That’s exactly less less seminars, as we call it. You know, Victor, like you said, it is primarily or a lot of it’s mindset. You know, it’s it’s not just about the knowledge, it’s about mindset. And, you know, like at my bootcamp, I had 1000 people there and we spend a lot of time on goals and and why those goals are a must and, and all sorts of other mindset exercises that we did because 80 to 90% of your success in anything is the mindset to actually take action with what you learned.”

“Rod”,”00:12:27:20″,”00:12:47:12″,”You know, that’s why I am my warriors are somewhere between 170 and 180,000 units that they own. It’s just mind blowing to me because I’ve only been teaching a little over five years and it’s because they actually take action with what they learn. And by the way, if you’re interested in the Warrior program, text the word crush 272, three, four or five so we can help you frickin crush it in this business.”

“Rod”,”00:12:47:15″,”00:13:07:13″,”And if there was ever a time to get in this business, it is right freakin now. So again, text crush 272, three, four, five. And. And you look us over, we’ll look you over. We don’t take everybody but, you know, we’d love to have you consider it And I will tell you, even if we don’t you know, if it’s not a fit, you’ll leave that call better than when you started it.”

“Rod”,”00:13:07:15″,”00:13:23:14″,”So the next question I want to ask you is, you know, you talk about how your family is part of your team. And I know family is, I think, probably more important for, you know, the Latino community than anybody else out there. I’ve seen it, you know, time and time again. It’s a beautiful thing. But you’ve got your family there.”

“Rod”,”00:13:23:14″,”00:13:32:03″,”So talk a little bit about the dynamics of that and who, you know, maybe who does what and how you’ve how you’ve managed that.”

“Victor”,”00:13:32:03″,”00:13:47:22″,”We came here with our investors visa, everybody, although all of us invested in the construction business and the more English fluent, if I can say that. Yeah.”

“Rod”,”00:13:48:00″,”00:13:49:12″,”That’s true. Sure, sure.”

“Victor”,”00:13:49:14″,”00:14:19:06″,”So I’m one of the workers trying to get the deals and speak with the investor relationship now, you know, bringing all my friends, we just bonded with friends with a wonderful that did we prefer to have a lot of quality investors and to have a quality right So that’s what I’m doing my my my my wife, my sister and my sister in law, they are terrific on the administration and the bookkeeping on the mine as well.”

“Victor”,”00:14:19:07″,”00:14:39:21″,”So they held hands with all that. My brother and my brother in law, they are the boots on the ground. So they are, you know, reviewing all the properties where they’re the management that we had to, you know, the renovation, the pyramids, everything that they today. So, yeah, that’s nice.”

“Rod”,”00:14:39:23″,”00:14:58:17″,”Nice, nice, nice. So everybody’s playing to their strengths, right? Yes. So everybody’s doing what they’re good at. Like you said, you know, your wife and sister, I forgot who else. They’re, they’re, they’re on the admin side. They like doing that. The details that the guys are out there, boots on the ground, having fun, kicking the doors and doing that sort of thing.”

“Rod”,”00:14:58:17″,”00:15:00:17″,”And yeah, love it, love it, love it.”

“Mark”,”00:15:00:17″,”00:15:20:00″,”I have a curiosity because a lot of people’s family members most of the time have no interest in real estate investing, right? They try and talk them out of it. Did your family have interest in multifamily when you first got started, or did you kind of lead the way, show some success and then they joined afterwards?”

“Victor”,”00:15:20:01″,”00:15:35:13″,”My family leased to my brother started this. My brother, my mother started this construction back in Mexico. They used to build four, six storey building. They always want me to join them back in Mexico. I never one day I was like.”

“Mark”,”00:15:35:16″,”00:15:36:10″,”Oh, so is the.”

“Victor”,”00:15:36:10″,”00:15:49:23″,”Operator. Yeah, I was like, Oh no, no, I will nail it. And then incorporate side. So, you know, until I quit, I was the first to come here to, to the US and then all my family follow up. So.”

“Rod”,”00:15:50:03″,”00:15:52:01″,”Oh that’s nice. That’s nice.”

“Victor”,”00:15:52:03″,”00:16:11:15″,”Yeah. It was hard to, to convince them. Probably not that much that the life, the quality of life that we have here is such so much better than what you used to have in Mexico. Even though we had like, a good, really good living in Mexico. But but seriously.”

“Rod”,”00:16:11:17″,”00:16:24:14″,”The greatest country on earth. I don’t care where you come from. I don’t care what you say. I’ll I’ll fight you toe to toe on that one. We live in the greatest country on earth. I’m an immigrant, too. So are you in southeast Florida? Are you in the Miami area? Is that We went yes.”

“Victor”,”00:16:24:15″,”00:16:26:10″,”In Palm Beach County and I.”

“Rod”,”00:16:26:11″,”00:16:45:19″,”Oh, Palm Beach. Okay. Nice, nice, nice. Okay. So so let me ask you this now, you’re obviously you’re an entrepreneur, Are you? Fear is not a big word for you because, I mean, you immigrated you’re the first one here and all that. But, you know, did you have any fear as to any pieces of this, you know, like getting involved in this?”

“Rod”,”00:16:45:19″,”00:16:57:03″,”Were there any fears or if not, then maybe people in your family and how? I just want to curious how you got over the fear or how you helped other people get over their fear? Because I’m sure there was fear in there somewhere.”

“Victor”,”00:16:57:05″,”00:17:21:01″,”So failure is always, you know, the biggest fear I think we will have always I’m sure, you know, like since the beginning, like I said, I have friends that were telling me what what the heck are you thinking about? You know, what are you doing now that my friends or family see what we have done and we have grew up, everybody or people could say like, Oh, that was easy.”

“Victor”,”00:17:21:01″,”00:17:45:05″,”But, you know, of course it’s it’s not that easy to do it. You and but my biggest fear was that some day or for something I would I would with a mr. Resources not a it’s not that you’re going to be staying here in the U.S. forever, right? You can renew your visa as long as your business continues.”

“Victor”,”00:17:45:05″,”00:17:55:17″,”But there’s no right pass through getting citizenship or green card, right. So you can have 50 years the best visa just renewing and oh, wow.”

“Rod”,”00:17:55:17″,”00:18:06:00″,”But you have to have a business. So. So I know I know where you’re going with this. So if if you fail in the business, not only do you fail in the business, you’re you’re back to Mexico.”

“Victor”,”00:18:06:02″,”00:18:08:07″,”Exactly. Wow. Now that’s so you act.”

“Rod”,”00:18:08:07″,”00:18:30:18″,”So that’s some serious motivation. That is certainly serious right there. Yeah, no kidding. But that’s you know, that that that that fear is very that’s a very powerful motivator in that regard. Interesting. Wow. That’s a lot of people don’t have that you know that that extreme of a of a consequence if things don’t go right so oh I get it now Wow.”

“Victor”,”00:18:30:18″,”00:18:35:11″,”But but luckily not anymore because we already got the green card, so.”

“Rod”,”00:18:35:13″,”00:18:39:10″,”Oh, you did. Oh, fantastic, brother. Oh, thank God. Thank God.”

“Victor”,”00:18:39:11″,”00:18:39:22″,”Last year.”

“Rod”,”00:18:39:22″,”00:18:41:03″,”So you got.”

“Victor”,”00:18:41:07″,”00:18:42:13″,”Ten years without nothing, but.”

“Rod”,”00:18:42:13″,”00:19:00:00″,”Yes. Well, you you hear about you hear about the fact that we’ve got open borders right now and you’re doing it the right way. You know, don’t get me started on this current administration that’s letting anybody come in illegally and drugs and cartel and all kinds of crap fencing, all everything else. But but you did it the right way, the legal way.”

“Rod”,”00:19:00:00″,”00:19:12:18″,”And good for you, man. I salute you for that. So so let me ask you this. You know, knowing what you know now, would you have done anything differently? Is there anything you might have done differently knowing what you know now.”

“Victor”,”00:19:12:19″,”00:19:19:10″,”With spoke at the beginning, not selling every house, I mean. Right. So yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Rod”,”00:19:19:11″,”00:19:21:12″,”I okay. I feel.”


“Rod”,”00:19:21:21″,”00:19:40:17″,”If you look you look back on what you sold those for and what they’re worth now you’re just like, oh good God. You know, I had 500 houses in Denver that I sold. If I hadn’t sold those, I would be netting. They’d be free and clear, and I would be netting every single month $1,000,000 every month. So, yeah, what it could have, should have.”

“Rod”,”00:19:40:18″,”00:19:41:13″,”But anyway.”

“Victor”,”00:19:41:15″,”00:19:53:12″,”Yeah, yeah. That, and you know, I guess you, you can ask any, any billionaire in real estate and the answer will be always the same, which is to start sooner. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Rod”,”00:19:53:17″,”00:20:00:16″,”That’s right. Well I’m glad you said I’m glad you said billionaire instead of millionaire because I see where your head’s at. I love it, brother.”

“Victor”,”00:20:00:17″,”00:20:25:02″,”No one thing that you want you to talk about your, you know, on and on. There would come. The first one that I was was the virtual one because of COVID to get and you talk about all these like the picture goals that you have and you show like the car that you wanted to watch it. You wanted, right.”

“Victor”,”00:20:25:04″,”00:20:50:05″,”My wife, they have this tradition in their family. They do it every every Christmas when they, you know, family get together. And I will, you know, cut from the newspaper for magazines and, you know, like our vision boards. So nice what you said that I was like, I have that one, too. And I love it. Every year we try at least to do like 70% what we what we put there.”

“Victor”,”00:20:50:07″,”00:20:52:21″,”So, yeah, it’s a bit too big.”

“Rod”,”00:20:52:21″,”00:21:14:09″,”Wow, That’s beautiful, man. That’s. That’s. Yeah. Guys, I hope you’re hearing this, man. I mean, they’re doing the vision boards, they’re doing the goals, which is why they’re super frickin successful. It’s kind of a kind of a no brainer here. And these, these those vision boards are so incredibly powerful. Doing your goals is so powerful. So why? It’s the first thing we do at my bootcamps, by the way, got a virtual bootcamp coming up.”

“Rod”,”00:21:14:09″,”00:21:20:04″,”I think it’s January 6th and seventh. I think that’s next. I’m pretty sure those are the dates, but are you checking?”

“Mark”,”00:21:20:10″,”00:21:23:04″,”Mark Yeah, Yeah. Yep. Six and seven, correct?”

“Rod”,”00:21:23:04″,”00:21:37:01″,”Yeah. So January six and seven, some virtual bootcamp two days. I don’t sell anything there. It’s two days of training I like right now. You can come for 100 bucks. It’s really kind of a no brainer. Okay, so get your butt there if you possibly can. Yeah.”

“Mark”,”00:21:37:07″,”00:21:56:01″,”Great Way to start the new year for sure. Right. Virtual bootcamp. Now. Now I want to transition to one practical thing. We’ve talked about goals, mindset, all that stuff. What are some actions that you take on a weekly basis or maybe, maybe even just some some advice, right, that listeners can do every single week to get.”

“Rod”,”00:21:56:01″,”00:21:58:03″,”Start your day or day or day or.”

“Mark”,”00:21:58:04″,”00:22:08:07″,”Every day, right? Whether it’s networking and talking to an investor, looking at deals. What’s something that a listener could take from this podcast and go actionable to do and take action on every day or every week?”

“Victor”,”00:22:08:08″,”00:22:10:09″,”Stop complaining, just do it.”

“Rod”,”00:22:10:11″,”00:22:32:04″,”I love it, man. Just do it like Nike says. Just frickin do it. Get your butt to my bootcamp. Start looking at deals, start getting around people that are doing this, read books about this, suffer through my podcast, You know, do whatever you have to do to frickin make this happen. That’s that’s what you do. Well, listen, listen, brother, I appreciate you coming on, man.”

“Rod”,”00:22:32:05″,”00:22:47:07″,”And especially because, you know, this isn’t the easiest for you to have a conversation like this. And I asked you when you first came on, I said, how many podcast interviews have you done? You said, this is the first one. And I said, Well, go big or go home. It’s the largest in the world. So no, no pressure.”

“Rod”,”00:22:47:07″,”00:22:49:17″,”No stress.”

“Mark”,”00:22:49:18″,”00:23:07:03″,”Away. Just real quick, because I actually got this. I brought on a new warrior last week, not from Mexico, but from Europe, who also had a language barrier. And he asked me that question. He said, can I actually do this with English as my second language? And for anybody listening to where English is your second language, Victor, is more like proof that it can be done.”

“Mark”,”00:23:07:05″,”00:23:09:22″,”It’s just an excuse that you’re making for yourself, that’s all.”

“Rod”,”00:23:09:22″,”00:23:25:14″,”It’s a story. It’s a story. We tell ourselves stories so that we don’t get disgusted with ourselves as to why we’re not taking action. And that’s a story. Change your stories. Change your life. I’ve got students in Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Canada, the Netherlands. Well.”

“Mark”,”00:23:25:16″,”00:23:27:07″,”Speak Spanish, but yeah.”

“Rod”,”00:23:27:09″,”00:23:44:19″,”Yeah, but still. But still. But still. But but but it’s. But it’s different. You know. The financing is different. There’s syndications different entity structure is different. But but, but you know and they’re successful in all these different countries. So Turkey, Turkey, I mean, so so tell me and I’ve plenty I’ve got several in.”

“Mark”,”00:23:44:19″,”00:23:46:11″,”Mexico, Venezuela and.”

“Rod”,”00:23:46:13″,”00:24:04:02″,”Then in Venezuela. Yep. So so you know don’t don’t just change your story, change your frickin life. Victor, it’s great to see your brother and thanks. I hope to see you soon. Maybe you’ll be at the Warrior event. We’ve got our warrior only event coming November 11th and 12th in Phenix. That’ll be a that’ll be a lot of fun.”

“Rod”,”00:24:04:03″,”00:24:10:18″,”All right, well, you take care, my friend. I appreciate you coming on. Thank you. Thanks, Mark. Thanks so much, Mark. I’ll see you later, buddy. Take care.”