Ep #357 – Jens Nielsen – Multifamily, Mobile Home, Storage Empire
in Three Years

Here is some of what you will learn:

Understanding the value of Coaching
Adding value to brokers
The value of direct mail campaigns
Know, Like & Trust
Importance of regional bankers
Streak for Gmail
The importance of adding value
Staying top of mind with your investors

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Jens Nielsen – Real Estate Empire in 3 Years (Ep355)

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Rod: Welcome to another edition of “How to Build Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing”. I’m Rod Khleif and I am absolutely thrilled that you’re here. And I’m super excited over today’s interview because the gentleman I’m interviewing today has been in my coaching program for over two years. He’s been to four of my live events and he is just absolutely crushing it. He’s you know he’s in over a thousand doors now both passively and actively. I know at least over 400 actively. He’s also in over 2,000 mobile home park Lots he’s in over 6,000 storage units now and just absolutely crushing it. His name is Jen’s Nielsen and I’m just super excited to have him on the show. Jens, welcome my friend

Jens: Thanks Rod. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk to you today. This has been on my list to do for a long time

Rod: Well I’ve had you on stage now with my live events and you know and I want to talk about why you keep coming back because I think people need to hear that and just we’re gonna have a lot of fun today. So this has been long overdue and so why don’t you start by telling you know my listeners about you know how you got started I mean I know you’re an immigrant like I am so you know we’re kindred spirits in that regard but talk about talk about your background

Jens: Yeah so I mean you know given my name I grew up in Denmark and as a young man, my early 20s I decided to explore the world so I moved from Denmark to London England in 1994 spend some time there and then in 1996 I moved to the US you know I got some good job opportunity. I’ve been in telecommunication, an IT for a long time and it seemed like that was a promised land for back then and just think you know really enjoy a great career in IT field for quite a long time. And also that’s moving from the East Coast now I’m in Colorado and you know kind of mixing up between investing and then enjoying the outdoors you know so that’s kind of

Rod: You were just in Italy on I saw pictures on Facebook you’re riding your bike all over the Italian Alps it looked like

Jens: Yeah I’ve been a cyclist for many years, in a bike race for two years. That’s kind of my hobby to be

Rod: Nice

Jens: Yeah so that’s basically I started out right. And then you know a few years ago I decided I came to realization that well I have a great job and a 401k and on stuff that’s wonderful but I don’t have any other streams of income. I don’t have any like security and a lot of people look at employment as security but you really had at the mercy of your employer or so. I was like I need to find a different way to create income for me my family really secure my future and that’s where real estate kind of came into the picture

Rod: Yeah you know I tell the story at my live events and my dad who worked for Continental Airlines for 36 years and talk about how he used to, when we’d see, you could tell a Continental plane because they had the gold tail and he used to have, he have us all of us boys put our hands over our hearts. I had four brothers and we’d have to put our hands over our hearts when a plane flew by and he was with him for 36 years and totally loved that company and he got laid off. So you know like you said there is no job security. So you know it’s all between your ears. So it looks like from my notes here you started taking a look at real estate in 2016 like three years ago

Jens: Yeah it did and you know that I think came from just listening to start a listen to some podcasts like oh man I really need to do something you know I found you know some of the property wanted out there and I you know thought connected with you I was like you know, hey Rod’s really got some instinct value and I felt like you know that whole real estate is really the path I need to take because it makes sense. You have a physical asset, you can touch, you can see, and you can control the value of it then much better than trying to put into the stock market we have no control over anything like that

Rod: Sure. Now you mentioned before we started recording that that you were actually on one of my free phone calls and I did hundreds of those calls. I don’t do them anymore. I just don’t have the bandwidth but I allow my listeners to set up a 30-minute call with me we talk about anything and I’d forgotten because I put it close to a thousand of those calls and my memories so bad I forgot what I had for breakfast yesterday so I’m embarrassed when you told me that and I’d forgotten but you know so that’s kind of how we met and then I think you mentioned that when I started offering the coaching you jumped on board

Jens: Yeah I mean I felt like you know I had dabbled a little bit and I bought a few small properties like okay I don’t really know what I’m doing and I realized that hey I wanted to grow bigger and be I wanted to really learn this business and also I guess number three I wanted to grow my network and make the program that you offered was just checked all the boxes right so

Rod: Thank you that’s kind of you and it’s been a blessing and I’m humbled to have been in your life so far it’s been a real pleasure for me and like I said this is long overdue and look at you I mean good Lord you are just taking this business by storm. So you know let’s talk about I know that, let’s talk, you just closed on a deal then you like two hundred plus units?

Jens: So after you know, we’ve been buying and some properties for ourselves and ourselves I mean me my wife and then you know a couple of friends who some joint ventures but I realized you know kind of syndication its direction a lot of people want to want to go and I was able to connect I see do you want any event with some you know some people out there that out you know closing on bigger deals and given my full-time job, I’m still in IT I realized that I can probably add value to some of these syndicators by bringing some capital to their deal and also help them structure it you know this was, this gentleman I work with in Pennsylvania he, this is kind of I think it’s second syndication so there was some stuff I had learned that I helped him kind of structured the deal in ways that made sense right. And then did due diligence and everything else and then I was able to connect with some of my network to invest in that deal. So that was actually a super

Rod: Hey you raised about a million dollars I think?

Jens: Deals this year yeah

Rod: Yeah fantastic and so let’s talk about, you mentioned to me before we started recording that you’ve been successful in adding value to brokers. Can you expand on that a little bit? because guys in this business as evidenced by his success, he ends a success and the fact that you know he’s been to four my events that’s like why and the reason why is because this is a team sport right. Jens, would you agree that you know you’re meeting people you can connect with that you can do deals with that’ll invest with you and you can invest with them and that’s why Jens keeps coming back and so but one of the groups that you have to have on your team that you have to add value to is brokers because you know frankly they’re the belle of the ball right now. They’re you know in this hot market you want to be able to get off market deals. So that’s why this question is valuable. So talk about the situation you mentioned to me about adding value to a broker

Jens: Yeah and I mean just kind of touching on the team sport to you know when we first met I was a guy sitting behind a computer mostly most comfortable doing that right and see some kind of evolves a little bit

Rod: Oh not a little bit brother, you evolved a lot. And guys, you know I force networking so if you’re an introvert, I am gonna make you get uncomfortable when you join my circle because it really is because it’s a team sport and it’s just getting past the fear of rejection and you know andI was a horrible introvert when I was young and you know you just have to work through it get a little uncomfortable for a little while and then it’s okay and really I mean I have to say you have totally transformed in that regard buddy because you’re a much more quiet I mean you’re brilliant and super analytical but you know you were you were very soft-spoken and so anyway I stole your thunder please

Jens: Appreciate that. Back to you know the idea of adding value right so maybe I want to step back a bit. When I first decided I wanna invest in real estate as I kind of thought of my network and say who was already out there investing? I have a local friend who has invested in this market and own some properties and I connected with him I said a very powerful question said, who do you know that I should know?

Rod: Guys, write that question down. Could you repeat that question please Jens?

Jens: Who do you know that I should know?

Rod: Who do you know that I should know? That is a brilliant question

Jens: And I can’t take credit for it I heard of somewhere else I don’t remember man

Rod: That’s okay. Everything amazing out there is emulated okay. Nothing new. It’s all just regurgitated to represent it so it’s all good

Jens: Yeah so you know so my buddy he connected me with a broker in my market, in a market I chose. I used to live there and I said I connected with this gentleman all the gentleman who was, he’s a broker, he’s the property manager, and he owns a bunch of properties himself you know and I’m very quickly closed on a few smaller deals. I think I had a value by following through right. I said okay I want to buy this deal and I you know I didn’t I just

Rod: By following through you said? By staying engaged and not disappearing and having follow-up is what you’re saying. I just want to get clear. It’s being persistent. It’s being staying in front of someone yes, is that what you mean by that?

Jens: That and also when I put an offer in on the deal right I, you know I was able to close on time and you know

Rod: Sure okay following through with what you committed to yeah. Yes got it okay that’s critical as well good. I just want to clarify okay

Jens: So you know so we closed a few deals with him small stuff that we just kind of bought our own portfolio and I was like you know hey I want to grow a little bigger. How can we do this? And he’s like you know if you can find a deal, if you can help me bring some capital to the deal, I will partner with you on it. So I was like cool. So I you know I would look at the various websites and stuff like that and I found a deal that made sense it was 38 units kind of a little bit rundown but

Rod: What city buddy?

Jens: It’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rod: New Mexico got it okay

Jens: A little bit rundown you know out-of-state owners who weren’t really very good at managing it and I said hey this deal probably makes sense we need to bring some capital to because it needs a lot of work and I said I have a couple of you know friends that want to you know join with us, do a joint venture on it. So you know I brought myself couple friends in and my broker partner and one of his partners brought the other capital and so we’ve you know we brought six hundred thousand dollars to this deal and I think just, me being able to do that bringing them money and you know following through and we were able to buy this property you know it’s listed at 1.6 grand I’m getting it for 1.2 and being real you know putting effort and money into it to bring it up to modern standards and fixing it up. And so it’s a really good project but it was a you know awesome to help him out and help mine must kind of

Rod: I love it yeah I love it. And guys, the message there is you know in this business we are problem solvers and most brokers, it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Most even very successful brokers don’t own any real estate and it’s like, so if you’re a broker and you don’t own real estate, every January first you go back to work you’re not building annuities and I’ve spoken to groups of Realtors and brokers and told them listen you know there’s no retirement plan in your business. You need to create your own. And so guys there’s an interesting possible tip and that would be to offer brokers to participate in your deals if they bring them to you because you’re adding value to them. So I love that one buddy that’s a really unique strategy that you used and everybody wins. And now he mentioned it was a joint venture so it was a joint venture because all the participants were active in the deal. You cannot take money from someone and just give them a ready to return and do a joint venture then it has to be a syndication. So please continue my friend

Jens: Yeah so you know I think that you know added value to him in the sense that you know he got another property in his portfolio and also he’s managing it, needs help with the rehab. So you know he wins that way but also it was a very big learning experience for me because we did all the underwriting together, walked all the units, we put the budget together and everything else you know so I really got to see because he has done it hundreds of times right and I was trying to learn from that so you know I think it was a great partnership there you know and he’s an older gentleman he actually enjoys working with newer investors and so we really worked together

Rod: Love it love it and guys, you know there are lots of older investors and brokers out there that are realizing that they’d start to leave you know that we start to evolve when you get older like me and you start to realize that that there’s more to life than yourself and you want to give back and so you know if you add value to one of these people and truly sincerely come at it with your heart and to add value you know and they take you under your wing it can be incredibly lucrative for you because you’re not only are you learning but you know you’re possibly you know I tell a story of one of the one of the gentlemen in my mastermind, Glenn Gonzalez that started a relationship with an older guy like I don’t know 17 years ago or it was ten years ago and the guy had like seventeen hundred doors and now Glenn owns them all because he started the relationship and he sold him to Glenn when he sold. It’s a wonderful story in fact I just wrote the foreword for Glenn’s book. He’s over four thousand doors now and his book is “Maintenance Man to Millionaire”. And I’ll let you guys know when it when it goes live on Amazon but anyway so Jens, I know you’ve also you know you really paid attention in our course and our materials to the marketing methodologies that we use and you have crushed it with direct mail. So let’s drill down on something you know what you did there and the success you had with that if you don’t mind sharing that

Jens: Yeah because you know I said I felt when I started out that that you know 15, 18 to 30 units was kind of a sweet spot that I felt comfortable with something I could take down by myself maybe with a couple people running you know I felt like there’s probably a lot of people that sit out there with properties that they may want to sell but they’re not like super motivated to go to a broker to get it listed. So I was like okay let’s start mailing campaign right. So we actually end up creating home lists because New Mexico is an undisclosed estate. So it’s really hard to fit get good quality

Rod: How did you do the list? Assessor’s office or what did you do to get it?

Jens: Well you know we kayaks and this is the I don’t know this strategy makes sense but we actually would go on like apartments.com website and see who have the different apartments out there just kind of look around cuz they’ll show by neighborhoods what the apartments are. We will say okay you know here is you know Shady Oaks or whatever how many units out 20 units will figure hoody and then we’ll go to the Assessors and find out who the owners were. So it was time consuming

Rod: It was one at a time holy cow that’s a lot of work. Guys, you know I talk about this regularly and that is if you’re willing to do what other people aren’t, you’ll be a success. Well that’s a super example of that one. Well you do it yourself or did you hire virtual assistants or

Jens: You know me and my wife we spend cold winter days being

Rod: Guys there’s not a lot to do in the mountains of Colorado. So wow that’s awesome so yeah

Jens: You know you’ve gotta be willing to do that

Rod: Some of these counties you know I teach where you go and you go to the assessor’s office and you you know pull lists of owners. So what you’re saying is that wasn’t possible to do there you had to actually identify an address one at a time to pull them?

Jens: That’s what we ended up doing. I know that you can go and order data stuff like that but it’s not, they’re not very forthcoming with it right

Rod: I see okay okay well well you know anytime guys, and anytime you go out there and you find a county you want to do direct mail and you find a county that’s really hard to get the information, get excited because that means no one else is doing it okay. So they’re not getting tons of mail but well that’s awesome. So you would mailed them and did you just mail them once? What did you mail? No, I was just asking what do the mail pieces look like? Did you mail them more than once? Just talk about that a little bit

Jens: Yes so you know we created our list and we started away you know let’s say we’ve targeted you know fifteen or thirty units. And we did it the hard way. We printed out every letter and mail and say, Dear John you or your apartment at 123 main

Rod: So you put the street address of the complex on the first pair of first sentence so they recognize it yep okay good

Jens: And say no we were just you know I was trying to find a property or whatever and we would handwrite the envelopes and we would stuff and send them out you know we’d do maybe fifty at the time and my dear wife would she’s slightly better

Rod: Do you put your picture in the letter or was it just or just a letter?

Jens: There’s just a letter, we put a little picture on to in the inside letter and it was you know plain white envelope a handwritten with a stamp on there

Rod: Right but a picture of you and your wife sometimes that that boosts response. So I’m just curious. So you type the letter hand wrote the envelope. Did you just mail them once or did you mail them more than once?

Jens: So we did more than once you know kind of in a two to three months kind of cycle but I think a really good response even on the first mailing you know probably 5%-10% return

Rod: Yeah that’s so unusual guys okay. Typically, if you get a half a percent that’s the average if you get one percent you’re doing backflips the whole way home to get five to ten, and that was our average as well but the reason being I’m tell you right now is cuz nobody took the trouble to do what you did. That’s it yeah so there you go. Wow that’s fantastic and so talked about the result what did you ended up?

Jens: So I connected with quite a few you know actually perfect you know older gentleman in his eighties who had a property. Unfortunately, first one that didn’t work out. I spent a lot of time trying to create a relationship with him. In the end it didn’t work out because for whatever reason but then I found like last August I got a call from a gentleman about a sixteen unit and he said yeah got your letter for a while. I wasn’t ready to sell but now I’m ready to sell. It’s like, this is great right you know and he was actually very forthcoming with his, he had his income expense for last few years and sent that to me and you know I underwrote the deal and it came up with kind of a number and visited with him and I think then I learned a big lesson there is I tried to again my little mind to go over and I to quickly try to get to the end goal and said oh this is what I can pay you I kind of initially scared him off a little bit. We ended up like kind of reconnecting and I said okay I apologize for doing it that way and we kind of spend some time getting some rapport built there and it true it took a good eight months before we able to close on that deal. But we got it

Rod: Let me stop you just for a minute because you’ve said a lot of things that I want to, I want to add some attention to. Okay guys, if you are, by the way did you target people that had owned a while or did you just mail everybody in that size range?

Jens: Again it was really hard for me to figure out the ownership time so I just kind of everybody in that time and size

Rod: Right okay what we like to target that we’ve had the best success in is to find owners that have owned for a while and if they’re elderly like the ones you’ve just described, guys, seller bonding is so important. You need to focus on the relationship and like you said the rapport first then you dig into the deal and when you do a mailer, it’s not like a broker listed property if there is definitely a longer sales cycle. I mean you said eight months I would say its average is four to six months. So it’s going to take longer but you’re gonna find deals nobody knows about okay but again focus on bonding with the seller first and especially if they’re elderly because you know they’re very you know when you get older you become relationship driven. And so it’s very very important and I’ve put some incredible know-down deals together deals where having made payments for a long time because the property needed work and I said you know let me put the money into the property first and because we bonded it wasn’t a problem. So okay I just want to draw attention to that and the other thing I want to draw attention to was the fact that you mailed it on a cycle every two or three months. Guys, that repetition is critical because the key is to get him when they’re motivated like the gentleman, and they’ll hold on to the letters like you said he called you, he wasn’t ready at the time but you want to keep staying in front of them. And I would also recommend that when you do this you change up the vehicle. You change up the mail piece you start with by a business letter like you just described and you know maybe with a picture of you and your spouse or just you and make sure you’ve got the address of the property in the top line but then maybe you send a postcard after that. Maybe after that you send a piece in an in an invitation envelope that you know is gonna get opened but you change it up. Maybe you send something with something bulky in it like an eraser or something you know something that again will get it to be open but the key is the repetition. Anyway please continue. I just wanted to draw some attention to what you said

Jens: Yeah somebody told me like kind of the processes I really like is this like, how do you get through you know that process of connecting with somebody to buying and selling from them and it’s this thing that says, “Know me, like me, trust me, buy me, refer me”

Rod: There you go right. That ties into what I’m saying. You build a relationship, build a rapport, talk about their dog, their spouse, their house, their football team, whatever it is and then get them to like you and trust you. Be authentic. Don’t be a Salesman. Don’t be like a plaid jacket, used-car salesman, and talk about the deal. The minute you get there and how you know and scare them off. Just be personal. So love that. I love that. What was that again? What were those pieces?

Jens: “Know me, like me, trust me, buy me, refer me”

Rod: And then send me more business, refer me. Love it love it love it okay. That’s awesome. So let’s move on now to what did you buy from that Direct Mail you bought that 16 unit?

Jens: Bought that 16 unit yeah and a couple of things that really you know went back to my relationship with the brokers. So that same gentleman he helped me write a contract for just a fixed fee guys like you know I had that helped him out so he wrote the contract for a fixed fee. So didn’t have to spend 6% on that. And then I had a banking relationship too so we’re able to get you know kind of low money down, put some rolls of money into like an escrow account for rehab too. So that relationship to the other property bought already it allowed me to get much more favorable banking terms that otherwise could have gotten

Rod: Let me stop you there too and I apologize guys. I’m interrupting Jens a lot but I really want to hammer home some things because he’s really thrown some nuggets out here and you know we talked about this, the importance of building these relationships because they really are long-term relationships. So not just brokers also property managers but I always tell people to find regional or local bankers in whatever markets you’re buying in and develop relationships with them. Set up a bank account there because they can make you a lot of money as evidenced by this deal you just described and I’ve got students that are still with me that have gotten a hundred percent financing on deals because of the relationship they had with these banks. Now I’m not talking about big national banks. Not like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third, you know a BB&T none of those. Those are harder develop to develop relationships with unless you’re huge but the smaller and regional banks, they’re very relationship driven. Now you do, so if you’re buying out of state, let me just give you a couple quick tips. One, you call the bank and you say, hey do you loan on multifamily property? The second thing you say is, do you loan to out-of-state investors? if you’re buying out of state. If you’re in your backyard then you have to do all that but then you find out who the person is and actually you would ask that person that loans on commercial, the commercial loan officer if they loaned out-of-state investors that’s how the sequence would go. But then you build a relationship with them so you start the relationship over the phone you find out what their loan programs are and then when you go out to that town to visit the property and meet the broker and the property manager and the banker, you have your full dance card. Every meal is taken. You know you have breakfast lunch and dinner with people that are part of your team like a banker. So anyway I just wanted to add to what you just said buddy because it was very valuable. So let’s move on to you know you you’ve raised a million dollars for some deals here recently. Let’s talk about how you connected and influenced passive investors. Talk about that process so my listeners can

Jens: Yeah so you know I knew kind of early on I wanted to move to you know go to the syndication route just because hey I’m out of my own capital and scale you know you gotta scale and get into these larger deals which are actually much more predictable in income and safer because you have you can spread your risk out over a lot more units and so forth

Rod: Sure

Jens: So you know I started having these conversations about investing several years ago with potential you know investors in my network and on saying, oh hey John do you want to go and have a cup of coffee and talk about real estate investing you know this is what I’m doing and I would show and I bought these properties whatever and then I would say if I ever find a deal that makes sense for you to get in on are you interested in you know partnering? There’s a JV, you as a partner? And so I would have those conversations over and over the coffee’s, the lunches whatever and you know then I would put John and Joe and Paul into my CRM or my mailing list and we start creating content every month. I would send out a letter and say hey you know this is the property we’ve just bought here’s the progress from that, here’s the one I’m negotiating on even when I would do passive investing and said oh you know I just bought that. I just invest in this deal passively so just kind of see create credibility stay in front of mind and just growing that you know so anytime I

Rod: Can I stop you again? I’m sorry because throwing stuff out that is so powerful. So you said okay you started with CRM. And guys this business, every business is nothing but people in systems. So when you take off your employee hat and put on your entrepreneur hat you have to realize that this is no different becoming an entrepreneur and you got to set up systems and a CRM is one of those. Now what CRM do you use because you’re an IT too

Jens: Yeah well I started out with I think one the you recommend that side, then since moved away from so I say I’m doing two different things right now but I’m transitioning. I just for my mailing list I just used like MailChimp right, where I stand out though the letters it’s not really I am that’s more of a

Rod: right

Jens: And I’m actually started using something that connects with Gmail called Streak it’s all

Rod: Yeah I heard about that

Jens: Yeah it’s kind of sales funnel type stuff but you can create you know your customized funnels and then you can send out, the emails look a lot more customized ,sorry personalized because you can go in and you can do some merging and stuff like that but they don’t come from MailChimp they actually come straight out of Gmail or you know I’ve linked to my business account

Rod: nice

Jens: So I found that useful when I’m promoting you know a deal or connecting with people that way

Rod: Did you have a bad experience with one of them one of the ones I recommended cuz I want to, I don’t want to recommend it anymore if you did

Jens: I mean I can mention a name if you want me to

Rod: So is Zoho really simple systems

Jens: Really simple systems and I didn’t really feel it kind of connected very well what I was trying to do. So I have my VA helping me maybe move into Zoho and these other ones too

Rod: okay okay okay i’m glad you said that and guys you know the bottom line is find a CRM because that’s how you keep track of these people, these relationships you’re building not just with investors like Jens talked about here but the bankers, the brokers, the all the people that you’re going to need to have relationships with and build relationships with and nurture relationships with by staying in front of them like you did here. So now I want to talk about these letters that you sent did you write them? did you curate articles? you know did what sorts of things did you send them on a monthly basis to keep that list warm for lack of a better word?

Jens: Yeah so what I would do, I would you know talk about I would have a paragraph or two talking about a project that we were working on you know let’s say our 38 unit they’ve been evading and showing you know before and after pictures and stuff like that you know just to see what we’re doing there, yes I would like I would link some you know some articles that would talk about you know multifamily or specific market and say it on some market you know unemployment has been declining or you know so by that

Rod: Some area stats okay

Jens: Yeah I would also I you know I put together some the webinar so I would put links into those webinars that talk about various aspects of real estate investing. So you know people could click on them and learn about what’s cash on cash return,

Rod: So basically in other words you add value and guys that is a huge clue. If you’re gonna build a network you focus on adding value. The people that add the most value in this world are the most successful and you have your doing that which is awesome by the way his website is opendoorscapital.com now so you would you would mail them, I’m sorry you would email them regularly once a month and you would send information about deals you’re doing now if for someone that hasn’t done a deal yet they can’t use that, what would you recommend they do? I want to hear your take on if they you know if they building relationships but they haven’t taking down their first deal yet then they can’t send you know hey I’m doing the due diligence on this asset we’re buying email or video. So what would you recommend they do prior to that?

Jens: Well I mean you can always do act as if right you could just keep your investors warm and say this is why I want to invest or this is why we’re looking at real estate right and we partner with somebody right you know I am looking Orlando, Florida and the reason why I’m doing that is because you know all these different economic markers and stuff like that. So you could you can always come up at content. You can always find links to articles you can you know links to podcast anything you want you know I thought I even have like a book review at the end some sort of business book I read or something and say I’m reading this book and this is why you know and stuff like that

Rod: Love it. you just gave tons of great examples and I wanted to hear from your voice they’ve heard it from me enough that you know so love it. Great great advice about keeping your list warm adding value to people because that is the bottom line the name in the game which is why you’re successful and that this is a team sport. And so listen my friend it has really been a treat to have you on the show. And I want to ask you a couple of questions that I regularly ask. The first of which is what motivates you?

Jens: I’m just motivated to be better today than I was yesterday. Grow, just continue to improve right

Rod: Nice nice that’s a lot. Love it is there a quote that you like more than others

Jens: I really like the Henry Ford one and it goes something like, “You either believe that you can or you can’t either way you’re right is something that you can

Rod: No that’s it yeah whether you believe you can or you can’t you’re right no it’s you said it was perfect I love that quote love it. So if you were to tell, how old are you now?

Jens: 48

Rod: 48 all right if you were to tell your 21 year old self anything what might you do differently knowing what you know now? if anything

Jens: I think that the standard questions always get started earlier right

Rod: Not always but sometimes usually start earlier go bigger but if that’s not it what would it be?

Jens: You know that those I mean don’t have limiting beliefs around what do you think. I had a lot of limiting believes even like buying my first house. I don’t even know how to do that right you know this thing seems very complicated and I realize things are not complicated as long as once you start studying it right

Rod: And buddy I’m so glad you use that one because I remember when we met and you know again your brilliance was obvious but you weren’t you know as outgoing as you are now as comfortable as you are now the fact you’re on a podcast. I’m sure it was probably unthinkable when we met two years ago and so you know one of the things we do with my events is we push through limiting beliefs which is because there’s so many people have them. I had tons of them and they limit you and they and you operate in fear and nothing happens. So listen brother, it was great to have you on the show. You added a ton of value guys if you can come see us in Baltimore we’re gonna be in Baltimore September 27th 28th 29th just me teaching for three days with will have panelists on stage. Jen’s will likely be on stage and you know and other people and you know that have lots of doors. And so we’d love to see you there. It’s rodinBaltimore.com and it’s still early bird pricing. So it’s kind of a no-brainer. But anyway Jens, it’s great to see you my friend be well

Jens: Thank you Rod and thanks for all the help you’ve given me

Rod: It’s my gift take care brother

Jens: Thank you

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