Ep #327 – Dustin Miles – W2 Job, Family, and 1500 doors!

Here is some of what you will learn:

The value of passive investing
Strategies for finding equity partners
Getting started in multifamily
The power of proximity
Understanding CMBS Loans
Typical operating reserve amounts
What to avoid when funding your deal
The importance of single minded focus
The value of continued education
The value of growth and progressing

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Dustin Miles – W2 job, family, and 1,500 doors (Ep327)

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Rod: Welcome to another edition of “How to Build Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing”. I’m Rod Khleif and I’m thrilled you’re here. And I’ve got a real treat today. My friend Dustin Miles is on the show. Now if you don’t know Dustin, Dustin’s been involved in over 1,500 doors. He’s from Texas and I think looking at his resume here that’s where all the assets are as well. Welcome to the show my friend!

Dustin: Thank you. Yeah excited to be here

Rod: Awesome awesome well let’s have some fun. I know I got to meet you at our mutual friend Kenny Wolf’s and Feras Moussa’s event in Houston and we had dinner together and here we are. So we’re gonna have some fun today. We’re gonna dig in to how you achieved you know the incredible success that you enjoy right now and see what we can do to inspire some of my listeners. So maybe we could start with having you talk about you know how you got rolling in this business, what your background is, and how you developed your love on real estate

Dustin: Okay yeah great. I appreciate it. Yes so I’m from Fort Worth, Texas grew up just normal middle-class background, nothing special and but yes I grew up, I had I was always pretty entrepreneurial I had candy business I was a little kid you know I was in elementary school that the bus driver called me the Candy Man, kind of fun. And then it had some had different business selling baseball cards, mowed lawns, you name it college, it kind of similar story had internet business and got all that going and then now for college start doing rentals and flips and just with kind of an eye on going bigger. When I was a little kid I used to ride my bike around and I’d look all this real estate and you know kind of wonder who owns that and I played soccer my whole life. And I was playing soccer with a kid and well his parents owned some of that large real estate. They owned skyscrapers in downtown Port and so I always kind of had the idea of like well why not me? And so you know I kind of got I started networking a bunch you know there’s I think you’ve talked about this. I think Tony Robbin’s you know there’s a lot of power in proximity right you know trying to get around some of these people and trying to find some of the people that were doing this stuff. And I’ve been, a friend of mine, a mutual friend of ours Kenny Wolfe, we’ve known him for about 10 years or so and he was doing a deal and I was like oh my gosh this is awesome and you know really one night, once I saw him do that deal and I was part of the deal once I saw is okay I can do this, I got this.

Rod: So you went in as an LP then?

Dustin: Yeah it was a KP on the deal too but yes

Rod: Oh you were KP as well okay. So okay he brought you in as a Key Principal and that was your first deal with Kenny. I didn’t know that

Dustin: Yeah it was fun.

Rod: We’re doing a deal with Kenny right now. A screaming deal in Louisiana actually and the previous seller bought it for 21 million and we’re paying 16 and change. So very very exciting deal. It’s 30% empty because the guy ran out of money and it’s pretty rough. I’m at the, the property doesn’t rough but you know we’ve got to clean up the demographic and I mean it’s Kenny’s done these in his sleep and he’s boots on the ground. In fact I was supposed to be there today flying there today and but I’m going to Europe in a couple days. And I just had to cancel and Kenny was fine with it but yeah. By the way, we’re still raising money for that guys. If you’re accredited, text “partner” to 41411. I mean once we get that thing stabilized at ninety-five percent occupancy. We’ve increased the value five million bucks. So I mean it’s a screaming deal so if you’re accredited, text “partner” to 41411. And I’ll be gone but Robert, get on Robert’s calendar and chat about it because that one will subscribed very very quickly. So you did your first deal with Kenny. That’s so cool. And then tell me about your first deal on your own. I mean you know and was there any fear associated with that? You’re a serial entrepreneur like I am I you know and so that’s you know I were kindred spirits in that regard but is there any fear?

Dustin: Oh absolutely yeah I was you know scared out of my mind and that’s just part of it you know. You push through and you know you make sure you have your team together and so I mean you know but at the end of the day you know you push through by you know I was raising you know first deal was $1.6 million or so and you know I was very nervous.

Rod: That’s a big raid for your first deal

Dustin: Yeah and I was very nervous to accept you know investor funds because you know that’s a huge responsibility. We you know, we had friends and family in the deals. So yeah absolutely. I was very nervous about it and you know double, triple and quadruple checked you know all everything and but yeah it ended up were actually that deals on the market now to sell. So we’re we’re excited about it

Rod: Awesome awesome. Yes so you know you started in single family and then you met Kenny, you did a deal with Kenny cuz you know you you’ve got a comfort level and that’s, guys those are you listening. I mean that’s a great way to start this business is to passively invest in a deal with an operator you trust, you know goes on your resume, and you get the kind of the behind the scenes you know knowledge on it and you know like I spend a lot of time actually in webinars training our investors you know I go in deeper than most operators but the very, it doesn’t matter if you do with me but you should do it because if you can, you know obviously if you have the money to do it but it’s just a great way to kind of put one foot into this business and see, what it does is it takes away the a lot of the mystery and think that’s the biggest fear is the fear of the unknown in this regard and it takes that away would you agree with me Dustin?

Dustin: Oh absolutely yeah. So I ended up, I was passive in two deals with Kenny before jumping into my own deal so yeah that would, it was a nice kind of you know get your train wheels going and kind to see how it works and then you know I started getting distribution checks. I’m like, hey, this is real. When you are getting checks then it’s real. So anyways yeah so super exciting and yeah I think that’s a great way to go for

Rod: Love it love it yeah that’s awesome. So you know and then you know you saw the opportunity. Talk about how you started building your investor list. Talk about some strategies there to find equity partners. How did you go about that?

Dustin: Yeah it was you know we had friends and family and then I just you know networked a whole lot, went to different events and you know really you know if you can speak well, you don’t have, I’m not an extrovert. I’m not a public speaker by any means I’ve been going to Toastmasters for five years to build up to where I am now but yes I’m certainly you know I can talk to people and all that and I’m you know as far as the engineer I’m probably on you know I can speak better than others but yeah just you know kind have your story down have you know what you’re looking for you know if you’re able to say hey, I’m gonna buy you know a B or C class deal 100 units or more and we’re looking for you know X household income in the area and things like that you’re able to be you know specific about what you’re zoning in on people you know there’s a lot of credibility to be had you know, oh wow this guy’s does homework and you know I’m interested in looking in his next deal

Rod: Yeah no that’s great. Yeah we actually, I have, my coaching students, we get them kind of primered for this. So one of the things we have them do is prepare a presentation on whatever their sub market is you know research the high points of their market so they can speak to population growth, they can speak to income, they can speak to medium household like you just said, you know and they can talk about maybe the top ten you know selling points for that market place to start that process. And then obviously you know they need to be able to speak to the mechanics of a deal on the returns and all that. But yeah that’s awesome. So it was there an aha moment for you? I mean was there like a pivot point a tipping point when you realize you know boom, I’ve got this

Dustin: I would say yeah I mean you know obviously I don’t know if its an aha moment but there was a lot of, huge huge confidence builder obviously when we closed our first deal. I was sweating bullets and you know I you know I had I still have a W-2 job but I always work

Rod: Wait a minute, you still now have a W-2 job with 1,500 doors?

Dustin: Yeah

Rod: Guys, I hope that, okay and you’ve got kids? and you’re married yes?

Dustin: Yes

Rod: Okay guys there are no freaking excuses. I was on the coaching call with my students last night and some of them are lamenting I have no time and they because I have a W-2 job and I have a family and kids. Boom! There you go, Dustin. Thank you because I think they need to hear that because it is absolutely doable

Dustin: So I moved from full-time to part-time about a year ago. So I work two days a week now so that obviously that helps now but when I you know first year I was working full-time and I was actually on business trip you know trying to close the deal from you know LA. So you know a lot of challenges there but yeah I don’t know if it was necessarily an aha moment that was a huge confidence builder and then I would say being passive you know in the first deal with Kenny was a big first step for me. Just seeing how everything kind of you know was put together and like okay cool. We closed, it’s exciting and so that was a huge confidence builder as well

Rod: Sure sure. Well listen I mean you said you went part-time a year ago I’m looking at your resume here and there out of the one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve properties, only two were in eighteen. So you got ten while you were full-time again I just want to throw that out there cuz I’m sure someone was hanging the hat on the fact that you were part-time now. Gonna hammer that home. There are no excuses guys. Excuses are like armpits. We all have them and many times they smell. So no more excuses. Anyway so tell me you know I know you’re an engineer by trade right so you’re very analytical. So what you’ve done, and I hope you guys heard that. Toastmasters for five years I you know, now most of the time I will tell you to shore up and strengthen your what you’re strong at, work on your strengths and either a higher align or partner for your weaknesses but you went ahead and just built your weaknesses which was the speaking bit and good for you and you absolutely can do that as well you know a lot of introverted people, myself included, I was terrified of speaking, terrified. But you know and you just gotta push through it right. And you’re like you realize nobody would reject you if they know who you are right. If they do, it’s their BS. It has nothing to do with you right

Dustin: Yeah absolutely yep

Rod: So you know what advice would you give my listeners that are wanting to think about doing this business, they know they want more, they want to get out of the rat race like you’re doing. What advice would you give them to get going and take action?

Dustin: Yeah I mean the biggest thing I would say is yeah you do need some education for sure but you know then there’s analysis paralysis you have to be aware of that but you do need some education for sure. Taking action is probably you know is as big potentially yeah bigger than that and I think there’s a live power and in proximity honestly just being you get around guys you know it when Kenny was doing his first deal and honestly you know it’s beginning we weren’t you know super close or anything by you know started getting around him more and more and then I started getting around other people own apartments and you know if nothing else, you know by osmosis or whatever you start to believe you can do it and then you know start to think that same way and you go out and do it. So you know there’s a, I go to you know different events you know I’ve been to your event. I’m signed up for your Denver event

Rod: Are you really? Fantastic! I didn’t know that. That’s awesome brother

Dustin: There’s a lot of you know great people that are going to be there and it’s just it’s power and proximity and you know chatting with people, building relationships and that’s yeah it’s where it’s at

Rod: Guys, I hope you took note because that really is such a big piece of this. There is definitely power and proximity. In fact that’s the byline of my multifamily boardroom mastermind. Proximity is power because you know it truly is, who you hang out with this who you become and so you know here’s a here’s another just another example of numerous examples of that dynamic and so you know I go to those real estate investor club meetups. There will be people there that matter. I know there are a lot of people there that’ll never take action but there’s a lot of money there too okay. A lot of potential investors there would you agree?

Dustin: Oh absolutely that’s where I’ve you know built up my database

Rod: Well there you go, there you go again. Case in point. So tell us you know it’s not all sunshine and roses. Talk about a seminar. I don’t call them failures or setbacks. They’re seminars, they’re always learning experiences talk about a time you get your butt kicked. Let’s talk about something fun or funny

Dustin: Yeah I guess I’ve yeah a few stories because you know it’s your with multifamily so there’s a lot of moving parts there’s lots of units and lots of things can happen. So well I guess I’ll start with one that you know initially was a setback but is going to be you know turned about to be a good thing. We bought a deal is off market it was a CMBS loan. We assumed the loan and you know is my first CMBS assumption and honestly my last pay

Rod: Let me stop you for one second just because we never talked about those on this show. It’s Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security is what CMBS stands for guys and these are loans that you know they’re typically larger loans and a lot of times and they are different than your typical Fannie Freddie stuff that you see most of the operators utilizing. So anyway please continue. I just wanted to let my listeners know what you meant

Dustin: Yeah so you know typically a deal takes 60 to 90 days to close well this one took eight to nine months and we had a lot of setbacks, the lender you know we had a certain amount of money set aside for capex and we had a very healthy capex budget but they want us to replace all the windows. They wanted us to you know replace all the breaker boxes. They wanted us to replace you know all the water heaters just all these things that you know just you know it’s a

Rod: It’s a big money

Dustin: Yeah it’s a 1974 building. It is what it is

Rod: The thing you just described are very expensive

Dustin: Oh absolutely yeah. So they’d hired some engineers not to pick on Southern California but yeah there’s some engineers from Orange County flew to Waco, Texas and in this you know this Waco product it’s a C-class property and so we had yeah we had lots of challenges there then they wide our replacement reserves to go from I think he was from $300 door to almost $700 a door

Rod: Okay so let me stop you there as well. So what he’s talking about there guys is you know these larger lenders are going to want you to put money in an escrow account or in a reserve account for upcoming capital expenditures like roofs, like parking lot, like you know chillers if you’ve got chillers, HVAC units, hot water here you know any big stuff, you’re gonna pay a reserve and typically you don’t see more than two or three hundred bucks per unit typically and so seven hundred, holy cow

Rod: I’m surprised the deal still worked.

Dustin: Well there’s so we basically once we, so they want us to do, we had a capex budget and a lot of those interior you know renovations and things like that. Well they wanted an additional $350k of repairs between the windows and all the other stuff and then the reserves and so basically we went back to the cellar and say hey this is what they’re wanting well you know this is your problem now buddy. So anyways we went back and forth and so and they went with back and forth with the lender. We got to work out and our reserves went from 700 to 350 which is still high

Rod: They’re still high but yeah

Dustin: Doable yeah. I mean got our lender repairs down and so anyways it worked out well but I was having negotiate you were talking about Europe I was having to negotiate that while we were in Munich. And so you know I’m on the phone with the lender and at the time is fine we were we were in Munich and something had happened and they shut down all the all the subways and everything. And so here I am you know I’m with my wife and with my four-year-old son and it’s raining and all that. And so I just threw him on my shoulders and trek back to the apartment and then got on the phone with the lender and got some of the stuff sorted out but ended up you know we bonded at a nine cap which is

Rod: that’s fantastic

Dustin: Yeah this was two years ago. So it’s you know awesome deal and we’re you know probably gonna sell in another few weeks but yeah another kind of piece to that story is when we got into the deal, we had some you know much you know typically you know as you do and get into some of the properties you know typically there’s few people that that probably shouldn’t be there and unfortunately. And so you know we ended up having to evict a few folks and one of the tenants or former tenants was not happy about that and was you know lots of shouting matches with the manager and all that and we came back the next day and our office was burned down.

Rod: You can’t make this stuff up. I actually show a picture in my live event, it’s got the caption it’s like a former tenant and the caption is luckily we got our stuff out in time and the look on this little girl’s face with the house burning behind her

Dustin: So you know we were going to remodel the office anyways. So I’m just glad that it happened before. So we didn’t you know waste a lot of money. But our office looks fantastic

Rod: The insurance paid for most of it

Dustin: Yeah exactly yeah we were able to, it was in 1970s look in office very closed in and all that. We opened up all the walls and raised through the roof some because the roof had been burned. So yeah I ended up turning out really well but yeah you know obviously a little frustrating there in the process but I was glad it didn’t happen before we made the repairs

Rod: Thank God nobody got hurt

Dustin: Yeah absolutely

Rod: You know I’ve had probably half dozen fires over the years, some totals you know

Dustin: Oh Wow jeez

Rod: You know the kitchen fires and in houses and you know apartments and that’s the common cause and you know but it is what it is but you yeah occasionally you get a disgruntled you know that’s why we you know we put cameras and all of our properties you know for that eventualities. So let me ask you this question Dustin you know why do you, you know cuz you’ve been around a while now what do you think’s the most common reason people fail in this business or fail with the project? what are some things you’ve heard or seen?

Dustin: I you know I guess I would say you know not being you know just in general business terms not being capitalized properly

Rod: Right not having enough money

Dustin: Yeah for capex and things like that, those are the issues we’ve seen. I’ve seen where there’s in the past I’ve seen a few operators that you know frankly they just you know they’re just wearing too many different hats. There was a guy that had a you know had a GC company. He was you know was syndicating apartment deals. He was the management company. He was also doing single-family flips. I mean you know he just had too many things going on and you know probably a little bit of lack focus there so yeah

Rod: Focus is power and you know I’ve fallen into that trap myself

Dustin: Oh yeah me too

Rod: Everything suffers you know so okay you know no question and as it relates to the undercapitalization you know especially in where we are in the market cycle right now, you’ve got to have operating reserves. You’ve got to you know raise enough money for a rainy day like we do six months operating reserves minimum and in fact on that Louisiana deal we’re doing a million dollars operating reserve okay

Dustin: Oh wow

Rod: That’s how conservative we are on that one just you know to make sure that that thing turns around. And the Dallas deal we just closed last week we’ve got a half a million you know well. So you know and that deal was 65 percent loan to value it’s still great returns. There’s a lot of you know there’s a lot of operators out there right now that are doing marginal deals and you know we were watching a webinar and asked how they stress tested and it was just like crickets. They didn’t stress test. I’m like are you out of your freaking mind? So you know what we’ll do is we’ll look at it you know we’ll look at will it sustain 25 percent vacancy day one and then we look five years and it’s got to sustain 35% vacancy otherwise

Dustin: Right right

Rod: We go back to the drawing board but, so what do you think do you think there’s any characteristic specific characteristics that someone needs to have to do this business? and I know I’m throwing these questions at you very but yeah any specific characteristics that you think a person needs to do this business

Dustin: you know I think that I’ve seen a lot of people do very well and I think it’s really just be being persistent, continuing to educate yourself. Don’t you know, keep your ego in check you know once you get a few units under your belt and you know you can I think you know everything or you could. But continue to keep your ego in check, you know continue to educate yourself because the market is always evolving. It’s never the same and in every sub market and in every metro is in a different position. We own some assets in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma say is a very very different market from DFW you know they just you know more reliance on oil and gas up there. So you’ve really got to be yeah in tune with the market, continue to educate yourself continue to ask questions you know you’re never gonna know everything you know that’s you know but just being I think just being persistent and you know confidence and just you know it’s all about working hard

Rod: So ya know those are great tips and as far as the confidence you know sometimes you have to fake it till you make it guys. But the biggest thing that’s gonna build your confidence is competence. So you’ve got to educate yourself like I mean Dustin, I can’t believe you’re coming to my Denver event you know with you know 1500 doors and guys, there’s proof positive of what he’s talking about. Learning is earning. You continue that educational process. I learn every time I get on stage. I learned you know as much or more than the people in the audience and it’s a continual process. I love your point about ego as well. That actually kicked my butt in 2006 you know my net worth went up seventeen million bucks and I thought I was a real estate God and you know and you know when that happens God or the universe or whatever you believe in gives you a Smackdown and that was 2008 for me so you know that was painful to hear you say the truth but it happened to me. But that’s the truth of it and persistence for sure. You just can’t give up bottom line. And so awesome. So are you, do you have a team? or is this a team of one? Now I assume you use third party property managers is that correct?

Dustin: Yes we do yeah third party management yeah and I you know I have some friends that have their own management company and some friends that use third-party management. That’s a that’s a piece that you know if all of my units were in one place and you know then then maybe we would make sense to go ahead and go down that route but I’ve talked to some friends of mine and it just to me that’s not as attractive to bring in that piece but you know I can see the pros and cons of both

Rod: Kenny just bought a management company

Dustin: Yeah and that’s the way to go yeah go buy one

Rod: He’s a you know he’s a you know I think I think once we close on this Louisiana deal I think he’s going to be bumping up against 3,500-4,000 doors

Dustin: Yeah awesome

Rod: You know that sort of scale you know then then it may make sense to bring it in-house and he did that the right way in my opinion rather than starting from scratch just buying

Dustin: Absolutely yeah very smart on his part there sure

Rod: Yeah so if you were to go back because you started a little bit late in life I mean you started buying in 2009, perfect timing by the way

Dustin: Yeah I know

Rod: That was single family but you did your first multi-family in 12 yes?

Dustin: Yeah that was with Kenny yeah

Rod: Yeah and so if you were to go back can tell your 20 year old self something you know knowing what you know now about this exciting business, what might you do differently?

Dustin: Oh gosh I’d say you know it’s the I figure out what the tree analogy is but the best you know best time was today or 20 years ago right. So but really I’d just say just get started you know there’s a lot of people that tell you know whenever I go networks, oh gosh I wish I was buying you’re right after the recession all that. I’m like well you know I could also tell myself why I wish I would have bought a lot more right? I mean you can always good would shit or right so but I really just think you know educate yourself get around you know lots of good people. You go to you know events you know and that’s why I’m going to your Denver event there’s lots of good folks there

Rod: Oh yeah fantastic networking

Dustin: Yeah absolutely and then I just you know just really just get started and take action is really the biggest thing you can sit here and read all the books and listen all the podcasts you want and it the end of the day yeah you’ll have a lot of knowledge but it’s not gonna mean a whole lot. You gotta do something

Rod: You got to do something and you know at my events I spend quite a bit of time on that topic right there. The psychology of actually taking action, pushing through fear you know, god forbid you’re comfortable, getting past comfort to build that life you want and the tools to do that you know and really working on your limiting belief systems that many people have you know and there’s a reason belief systems the acronym is BS cuz most of them are you know like you’re a failure, fear of rejection, fear of you know fear of making money even you know there’s all these silly subconscious fears that hold people back. And so we spend time on that at my events that’s drinking through a firehose trust me you’ll get what you need on the multifamily side but yeah there’s still some tickets left to that. If you’re interested its rodinDenver.com I would love to see you guys there and it’s gonna be a massive event – it’s gonna be a kick in the butt my largest yet. So let me ask you this, what do you thinks the best advice you’ve ever received as it relates to this business Dustin?

Dustin: oh gosh

Rod: And maybe the worst advice as well if that’s

Dustin: You know I mean there’s you know actually there’s been a few deals that that we were looking at and this is you know many years ago that you know I had a few people tell me you know hey you’re you know we’re at the top of the market and this was in 2014/15 Hayworth off the market you know oh my gosh you’re paying forty a door and so I mean but you know we did the market comps and this this deal was under market and we were conservative you know on our rent bumps and all that and you know we’re that deal

Rod: And you killed for forty a door right now

Dustin: oh yeah yeah

Rod: You get what your firstborn for forty eight door today

Dustin: Yeah

Rod: I love it you know and you know we are definitely gonna have a correction of some sort that’s the way real estate worse but you know there are deals out there. I mean we went through eight months personally where we just weren’t finding anything we like. Now we’ve got pushin a thousand doors that we’re raising money for and they’re all screaming deals so you know what they’re out there but you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find them

Dustin; Yeah yeah

Rod: Okay and so let me just see if I’ve got, do you have a favorite quote that then motivates you? Anything that you think about maybe hanging on your wall or a favorite quote that has helped propel you in this career of yours?

Dustin: Just you know again I’ve kind of been talking about that power of proximity but it’s a Jim Rohn quote and I always kind of mess it up, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” I love that and you’ve heard that you know at all over different podcasts and things like that and I’m a big you know loved Jim Rohn and I’m going to Tony Robbins event at Dallas. I’m super excited

Rod: So are you really oh is that the first one?

Dustin: First one yeah

Rod: Wow you’re gonna love it. Now you know Jim Rohn was Tony’s mentor. I mean that’s how Tony got going was working for Jim Rohn, filling Jim Rohn’s events and oh you’re gonna love it my friend you know you’re gonna see why I follow Tony, I’d follow Tony around for the last 20 years I went to a Tony event three months ago that I could teach. I’ve been to it so many times. I’m into it 14-15 times. It’s called date with destiny and I could do a damn good job of teaching it you know I’m always working on me and I tell my coaching students progress equals happiness. So I’m always trying to progress just like you are as well. I mean look at you you know continually learning and growing and progressing because you know that’s what keeps you happy you know if you’re listening and you get to your 20,000 a month the goal in income or 30 or 50 or whatever it is, don’t think that’s gonna equate to happiness if you stop. You have to keep going and you may not like hearing that but you don’t have to obviously go at the same balls-to-the-wall speed but progress is what equates the happiness. You’re gonna love Tony man. I mean it’s like just a real treat for you. I’m jealous that your first one I’ve been to hit I’ve been to that event you’re going to in Dallas more than once actually

Dustin: Okay awesome

Rod: In Dallas, I’ve been to it all over the world but in Dallas. So listen my friend, you’ve added a tremendous amount of value and I really appreciate you being on the show. And I’m looking forward to seeing you in Denver and yeah and just glad that that we popped into each other’s lives because I really have enjoyed getting to know you

Dustin: Yeah absolutely me to and I really enjoyed getting to know you and having dinner with you in Houston a lot of fun so yeah

Rod: Thanks buddy alright well be well I’ll talk to you soon my friend

Dustin: All right thanks take care

Rod: You bet

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