Ep #211 – Albert Berriz – From Cuban Immigrant to $4.6 Billion in Multifamily Investments

Here’s some of what you will learn:

  • Changing approaches in changing markets
  • Finding the gem out of 100
  • Basic Investment Criteria
  • Understanding the Valuation Delta
  • Value Creation
  • Long term financing
  • Syndication vs Wholly owned
  • Buyer vs Seller in Wealth Creation
  • “Someone pays you rent to pay off your mortgage”
  • The beauty of amortization
  • Buckets of Money
  • Understanding the time horizon for multi-family investments
  • The Relationship Business
  • The #1 key to success
  • The Importance of Mentors
  • The one characteristic every leader should possess
  • Learning through Adversity
  • Finding the deal vs finding the money
  • Understanding the interest rate average over time
  • Value creation through interest rates
  • The advantage of workforce housing vs luxury housing
  • Secret to hiring the right people
  • Customer satisfaction via smartphone
  • Understanding turnover expense
  • The two things they can never take away from you
  • Book Recommendation: Winners Never Cheat by Jon M. Huntsman Sr.

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