Ep #201 – James Kandasamy Owns 340 Units and Transitioned from Single Family Investing

Here’s some of what you will learn:

  • How to get into multifamily properties when you’re currently a single-family property owner.
  • How to find off-market deals by marketing directly to sellers.
  • The benefits of using mailers to reach your audience
  • How to evaluate profit and loss statements.
  • The average rates of CapEx on a value add property purchase.
  • The challenges that may come from working directly with sellers instead of through a broker.
  • How to evaluate the expense ratio and determine why it could be high.
  • The way to increase cash flow through increasing property value and get your investment back.
  • The benefits of value-add properties to maximize profits.
  • The benefits of doing a text blast instead of mailers via a phone app to find deals.
  • Tips on how to find property owners to get contact information.
  • Potential improvements you can make to a unit to increase its value.
  • What defeasance is in real estate and how It can affect your deal financing.
  • How to acquire deals through raising equity with investors for a loan assumption.
  • Potential limitations with properties and creative ways to solve them.
  • The benefits of having the right mindset for success in the business.
  • The benefits of learning property management and how to learn as a way to save money on expenses.
  • The importance of getting referrals for contractors to try to get someone good and reliable.
  • The importance of managing your asset and your tenants.
  • The importance of the IRV formula triangle.
  • The reason multi-family is so profitable by forcing value on the property.
  • The ways to increase value of a property through rent increase or expense reduction.

About our Guest:

James Kandasamy can be reached at: