Ep #195 – Tamar Mar Recently Closed on 15 Multifamily Units and Has a Background as a Real Estate Broker and in Business Startups

In this episode you will learn

  • Tips on how to properly make the switch from a day job into the business.
  • What details to evaluate on a property before putting an offer in.
  • The benefits of syndication and how you can use it to close deals.
  • The possibility of closing on a deal without a sponsor or prior closing experience.
  • The benefits of purchasing a value-add property and rehab after purchase.
  • Ideas on what to renovate on older or run-down properties.
  • Types of exit strategies and ways to manage properties for long-term cashflow.
  • The benefits of wholesaling or buying wholesale properties when it makes sense.
  • Reasons why you may back out of a deal, especially if the deal doesn’t make sense.
  • RUBS, the Ratio Utility billing system used to charge tenants for utilities.
  • Making offers and why making an offer above asking price may be necessary.
  • Potential problems and deficiencies you may find in value-add properties.
  • The value of calculating cap-x, cost for renovating, before you buy a property.
  • The importance of having a team, networking, and where to network.
  • The importance of finding your motivation to keep you focused.
  • The benefits of having a morning ritual or routine to get you going.
  • The importance of writing down goals and magic moments to avoid forgetting.
  • The importance of having a good work ethic and valuing hard work.

About our Guest:

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