Ep #179 – David Thompson has Provided Capital for 1400 + Units Worth $125 Million

Here’s Some Of What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the benefits of syndication.
  • How to get started in funding and capital raising.
  • Learning the importance of building relationships for long-term success.
  • The importance of properly structuring a deal.
  • The importance of being a problem-solver and fulfilling needs.
  • The different ways of funding a deal.
  • The different compensation avenues for a general funding partner.
  • The importance of having a coach or mentor.
  • Creative ways to get started in the business.
  • The importance of being a value-add individual to help build relationships.
  • The importance of educating yourself and becoming an educator in the business.
  • The benefits of being authentic and being yourself.
  • Ways to network successfully to make a deal happen.
  • Ways to explain the process of multi-family deals to a potential investor.
  • The importance of experience, including learning from bad deals.
  • The importance of good communication with your team.
  • How to locate resources for meeting others in the business.
  • How the business naturally grows with experience and relationships.
  • How a private placement memorandum plays a role in a deal.
  • The importance of choosing the right property class for a deal.
  • How to develop yourself as a thought leader and the importance of branding.
  • How to develop proper security procedures to avoid losing money to fraud.

Our Guest

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