Ep #175- Maureen Miles – Invested in 1,700 Units Valued at $100 Million

Here’s Some of What You Will Learn: 

  • How to build Cash flow and build equity over time.
  • How to identify opportunities and secure a good deal.
  • How to use leverage as a key to take action.
  • How to transition into larger multi-unit properties.
  • How to use network groups to your advantage and open up more options.
  • How to find a team that plays on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • To use others strengths to help make your deal a success.
  • The value of investing time and effort into rehab to increase value.
  • How to find the right properties to invest in.
  • How to use in a property, such as high expenses, to your advantage.
  • Tips and Tricks on finding investors.
  • The process and strategy of building relationships with an investor.
  • Identify the value of proper research into your property and market.
  • Find ways to finance your real estate education.
  • Identify limiting belief systems and reject fear for continued growth.
  • Identify the value of Total Immersion
  • Overcome challenges during the journey to success.
  • Associate pleasure or develop a passion for the business to become successful.
  • Understand that getting a good deal takes time and patience.
  • How to be flexible during market changes.
  • The importance of not allowing other’s negativity to impact you.

Our Guest

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