Ep #171 – Dr. Buck Joffrey owns 500 plus units, 7 apartment buildings and 1 medical office building

Here’s Some of What You Will Learn: 

  • Dr. Buck Joffrey owns 7 apartment buildings, 1 medical office building, and a total of 500 plus units.
  • Buck is a surgeon who watched other doctors investing in stocks take a huge financial hit in 2008.
  • The 2008 stock market collapse caused Buck to seek out safer, smarter, more long-term and lucrative investments. To Buck, this meant investing in multifamily real estate – something he had never considered before watching stock investments fail for others.
  • Why you should know this business as much as possible before buying your first property.
  • What class property you should look for when buying your first apartment complex.
  • Why D class properties aren’t the best properties to invest in.
  • You should not buy a property unless you know who is going to manage it.
  • Before you have a property, you need to have a team.
  • Make sure you verify that the rent roll matches what people are actually paying.
  • Why you need to do the proper due diligence before buying a property.
  • Why you should drive by the property at night.
  • How relationships with mortgage brokers can help you find off market deals.
  • Seek to help someone before you expect to get anything from them.
  • Why one of the best ways to operate is based on referrals.
  • How to capitalize when this market turns.
  • Why you should not look at the pro forma numbers on a property.
  • Stick to fundamentals and making sure you really due diligence is important considering how the market is currently.
  • How to find enjoyment in this business.
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