Ep #167 – Nathan Tabor – Started Multifamily in 2006, $52m in deals and currently Owns 166 Units (4 Complexes)

Here’s Some of What You Will Learn: 

  • Nathan received 100% financing and 100% renovation and closed in 24 days from a community bank on his first deal!
  • Nathan first deal was 2 apartment buildings (30 units) in Winston Salem and flipped them for a $250,000 profit in 8 months.
  • Why you should offer what the property is worth to you and not what the owner is asking for.
  • How to find deals in this market.
  • Why your relationship with Brokers are important.
  • Why you should be as specific as possible when talking with a broker. Defining your niche.
  • How your wife’s intuition can help you in this business.
  • Why you should call the zoning department as part of your due diligence.
  • Calling the planning department can help determine if anything is planned that will positively or negatively affect the property.
  • You should never rely on anyone (Seller/Broker/etc) when doing your due diligence; you need to find this information yourself.
  • Whenever you are dealing with a bureaucracy (planning, zoning, building department, assessor’s office, treasury), always ask for confirmation in writing.
  • The moment you have a property under contract and you are doing due diligence, you need to try to find reasons why you do not want to do the deal.
  • Why you should ask for copies of bank statements on a property.
  • Go to the building department and ask for recurring violations to find out if there will be any hidden repairs that the property may need.
  • How asking current contractors working on the property can give you information.
  • Also asking contractors that have not worked on the property can help with due diligence.
  • Why you should never pay a contractor an advance.
  • When walking a property and the owner is not allowing you to see a unit, just assume that you need to completely renovate that whole unit.
  • Why you should test everything in a unit as much as possible.
  • Why you should not skip out on getting a phase 1 environmental.
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