Chris was a Canadian Tradesman turned entrepreneur. From humble beginnings working with his grandfather to founding his own construction company, Chris discovered a gap in the storage industry and took the leap to create Longyards—a revolutionary contractor storage yard concept. Overcoming obstacles and experiencing exponential growth, Longyards now boasts over 67 yards and 80 tenants, with Chris’s property value skyrocketing from $470,000 to $3,640,000. With a franchise model in place, Chris is ready to expand internationally. Tune in to gain insights and be inspired by this remarkable journey of resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial success.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:

  • A Closer Look At The Storage Yard Concept
  • The Why Behind Entrepreneurs Work So Hard
  • The Importance of Moving Forward In The Face of Adversity
  • Listening To Your Gut In A Potential Deal
  • Relentlessly Attacking Your Goals Until Their Accomplished
  • The Sacrifices Being Made Behind The Success
  • The Most Important aspect of a New Partnership

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