Ep #209 – Kenneth Wolfe – Patience is a Superpower, Owns 2,300 Units in 4 States

Here’s some of what you will learn:

  • How to start in multifamily investing
  • Multifamily as a stable investment
  • Importance of multiple markets
  • Importance of landlord friendly states
  • How to determine markets that will work for your style
  • Regional vs national management companies
  • Importance of a diverse economic base
  • How many deals it takes to find the right one
  • Understanding the supplemental loan process
  • Fannie Mae vs Bridge Lending
  • Optimizing properties for the college market
  • Build to rent or build to sell?
  • Importance of understanding square foot costs
  • Strategy: Involve owner and/or GC
  • Understanding environmental concerns
  • Importance of walking away from a headache
  • Pros and Cons of large properties vs smaller properties
  • Patience is a Superpower
  • Long term fixed debt vs floating

About our Guest:

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Wolfe Investments

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