Ep #193 – Bruce Petersen has Syndicated 900+ Multifamily Units

Here’s some of what you will learn

  • The importance of using resources such as LoopNet for finding deals.
  • The benefits of syndication to close deals.
  • The benefits of having leadership skills for success in the business.
  • The importance of networking and benefits to meet up groups.
  • The importance of being trust worthy to secure partners for deals.
  • The reasons why you may choose multi family over single family.
  • The ways to make money on a property through cashflow and returns from a sale.
  • The importance of being transparency and empathy in developing relationships.
  • Some important reading material that can help with your mindset.
  • The importance of selecting the proper location for deals.
  • The potential benefits of going with larger properties if you’re able.
  • The importance of using your “seminars” as learning experiences.
  • The key to knowing what you want and why you want it.
  • The advantage of having multiple investors commit to a deal.
  • The fundamentals to look for when evaluating deals.
  • The importance of taking the first step and just getting started.
  • The role of risk-taking in the business.
  • The importance of finding your motivation to be successful.
  • The importance of having the right mindset and remove mental blocks.
  • The importance of getting past “analysis paralysis” and taking action.

Our Guest

Bruce Petersen can be reached at:


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