Ep #181 – Michael Becker has Provided Financing for 5,000+ Units Worth Over $100 Million

Here’s Some of What You Will Learn: 

  • Michael is a senior director at Old Capital Lending and has been a commercial banker for 15 years.
  • Different strategies to find a team and take down a deal.
  • The importance of finding a team to help overcome any shortcomings to take down deals.
  • The benefits of taking down a deal and returning capital to initial investors.
  • The importance of educating yourself in the business to be taken seriously.
  • The benefits of building relationships and networking to find deals.
  • Different strategies to get on broker’s lists and be sent more deals.
  • Different ways to raise capital for deals.
  • The importance of building your resume in the business.
  • The different types of loans available, including HUD/FHA.
  • Ways to help others who have done deals prior to enable you to do your own.
  • The importance of having a management company to help with loan approval.
  • The key players suggested to be successful in the business.
  • The steps to identifying and analyzing a good deal.
  • Tips and advice to make it through a downturn successfully.
  • The importance of having renovation funds up and working capital up front.
  • The importance of professional management and avoid code violations.
  • The pros and cons of single family vs multi-family investments.
  • The importance of getting started in the business as early as possible.
  • The benefits of Supplemental Loan Programs.
  • The Importance of Bank and Fannie Mae loans with renovation dollars to rehab property.
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