Ep #173 – Jason Yarusi – Owns a 94 Unit Complex and Summer Beach Rentals

Here’s Some of What You Will Learn: 

  • Jason comes from a heavy construction background where they move and lift houses.
  • Smaller rental properties are nice but when looking at economies of scale, multi family is the way to go.
  • Why you should look at population growth in the area of properties you are looking to invest in.
  • How a diversity of jobs in the area you are interested in is important.
  • Different team members needed in order to invest in multifamily.
  • How building relationships with property managers can find you deals.
  • If you roll CapEx repairs into a loan, they will make sure you are actually going to do the repairs.
  • IRR – Internal rate of return – Calculates cash flow, appreciation, principal reduction and tax benefits.
  • What to do when you want to buy and hold for a long time but your investors want to cash out in 5-7 years
  • Once you make your investors’ money, then they will trust you more and tell their friends to also invest in you.
  • If you express your investment plans in the beginning with an investor, then that will clear up confusion.
  • How to find motivated sellers through your network.
  • How opportunities in a gentrifying neighborhoods are exponential.
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Our Guest

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