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Understanding the Personal Financial Statement

Real Estate investing is a team sport and it’s important to leverage the collective power of the deal team to get a deal done. Whether the team is looking to finance a multifamily deal or to market themselves to potential brokers and sellers, it’s necessary to provide a thorough and accurate accounting of their individual and collective financial condition. The easiest way to do this is through the creation of a Personal Financial Statement (PFS).

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Financing Your Deal: Understanding the Capital Stack

Financing a deal can be tough. As an investor, you’ve got to contend with deadlines, competing priorities, investors, and sellers who are all dependent upon your ability to get the deal done. Adding to the confusion is the availability of a variety of financing sources, each with their own requirements, that can be utilized to get the deal over the line.

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Measuring Returns: IRR vs. Equity Multiple

Whether you’ve received a deal from a broker or a potential partner, it’s always a good idea to approach their advertised return metrics with a healthy dose of skepticism, not because they’re bad actors, but because return metrics can be manipulated to make a deal look better than it really is.

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