Warrior Win

Hilary Graves

Hilary Graves is the founder and managing partner of Bright Sound Investments, a private equity group out of York, Pennsylvania.
Hilary is a General Partner on 830 doors of multifamily real estate as well as over 800 doors as Limited Partner. The value she brings to a team are in raising capital, investor relations, asset management, and making professional offering memorandums and newsletters for syndication teams. She has appeared on various real estate podcasts and spoken at real estate conferences and meetups.
Aside from real estate, Hilary is an accomplished pianist and songwriter/composer. Some of her original songs received radio airplay. She graduated summa cum laude with a masters degree in music education from Lebanon Valley College.
Having taught public school for over 20 years, Hilary now uses her education background to educate passive investors.
Her greatest joy in life is being married to Billy and being mom to MayLeigh and Will.

Property Details

Address: Oakleaf Townhomes, Mt. Pleasant, SC                    Number of Units: 108                                                Purchase Price: $22,680,000
Estimated monthly increase projected? $1000
Anticipated value after value add: $37,067
Estimated Cash on Cash Return: 7.3%
Estimated Internal Rate of Return: 16.8%

Warrior team
shout outs:

Any comments about your experience so far in the Warrior Program?

It has been life-changing. It has been an honor to learn from some the best operators out there, and to join them in taking down amazing deals, not to mention offering these opportunities to investors. The network has been the most amazing part.

How did you find this property?

Our team got to know the owners years ago, and kept up the relationship so that when they were ready to sell, our team was the first buyer they considered. A broker also assisted in the process, but there is no way they would have sold to us or entertained seller financing if it weren’t for the relationship.

How did you structure the financing of this property?

Seller financing at 80 LTV

Was this a joint venture or syndication?


How did you raise the equity?

From Limited Partners with whom we had a prior relationship.

What was the equity raise?

Approx $9MM

What are some hurdles you had to overcome to get this deal done?

We offered on this deal a few times before our offer was finally accepted. So, patience mostly. Other than that, our team truly thinks this deal was done through divine intervention!

What are some of the lessons you learned with this deal?

As a capital raiser (among other things….don’t worry:), I learned that you cannot rush your investors. We raised ALL the equity needed for this deal and then some in less than a week. I didn’t join the first webinar, so by the time my investors got to attend a webinar, they literally had 3 days to reserve their spots before they were all filled up. That wasn’t enough time for many of my investors to do their due diligence. So the lesson is to gather as much info about the deal as possible and let your investors get warmed up to it before the webinar, so they have sufficient time to get their questions answered and consult with their spouses/financial advisors, etc.

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