Warrior Win

Chris Miller

Chris is a real estate investor with experience acquiring properties, managing renovations, raising private capital, and managing single family & multifamily investment properties. Chris began investing in 2012 with single family and shifted focus in 2019 to multifamily.
Chris is co-founder of Smart Wealth Equity which, currently has interest in over 1171 units located in Texas and valued at over $150MM.
Chris, an experienced investment partner, is known for helping, educating, supporting, and communicating to investors during all phases of their investment lifecycle.
Chris’ passion for educating investors can be traced back to his many years in leadership, where he has spent significant time mentoring, coaching, and helping people reach their goals.

Property Details

Address: 518 Linda Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666 (Sutton Apartments)
Number of Units: 104
Value Add Deal? Yes
Purchase Price: $12,500,000
Estimated monthly increase projected? $125 (Currently acheiving $100+ over our projected updated units rents on non renovated units)55
Anticipated value after value add: 21,000,000 with a 6 exit cap. market cap at purchase 4.5. 17,245,000 at a 7 exit cap
Estimated Cash on Cash Return: 7%
Estimated Internal Rate of Return: 17%+

Warrior team
shout outs:

Any comments about your experience so far in the Warrior Program?

Love the Warrior Program. Great Warriors who are always looking to help everyone. I love giving back and helping others in the group and just joined as a coach.

How did you find this property?

Broker relationship. The existing buyer was dragging their feet on PSA and the broker brought us in to take over and get the deal done.

How did you structure the financing of this property?

Bridge debt.

Was this a joint venture or syndication?


How did you raise the equity?

We raised and some other partners raised as well.

What was the equity raise?


What are some hurdles you had to overcome to get this deal done?

Our biggest hurdle is we had to pull a large check writer (25% of the equity) out of the deal a week before closing and had to scramble to fill the gap.

What are some of the lessons you learned with this deal?

– The risk of a large check writer falling out
– The specific city we are in has a 90 eviction notice period.
– We have a very experience asset manager on our team. Get out of his way and let him work his magic.

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