Warrior Win

Chris & Corinne Valentino

We have been in the MF space for 5 years and warriors for 18 months. We’ve independently owned smaller MF properties and SFH rentals which sparked our interest in scaling. We currently work in the corporate space and will be transitioning into syndications full time with a target of 3 years from now. Our passion is real estate and helping others become educated financially so they can better support themselves their families and those around them.

Property Details

Address: 473 Sleepy Hollow Rd Unit 1269 Athens NY 12015
Number of Units: 236
Value Add Deal? Yes
Purchase Price: $36,000,000
Estimated monthly increase projected? On average and increase of $300 per unit after our value add plan is completed.
Anticipated value after value add: $42,000,000
Estimated Cash on Cash Return: 8,1%
Estimated Internal Rate of Return: 15,03%

Warrior team
shout outs:

Any comments about your experience so far in the Warrior Program?

Very satisfied with the Warrior program, with out we would have never made the connections we’ve made to be able to be part of a team and close on our first deal. Thank you Rod!!!

How did you find this property?

We partnered with the Cash Flow Champs and Ed Monzel. We provided EMD and raised capital and perform investor relations.

How did you structure the financing of this property?

Assumable agency loan @ 3.48%.

Was this a joint venture or syndication?


How did you raise the equity?

Common equity through independent investors.

What was the equity raise?

About $11MM.

What are some hurdles you had to overcome to get this deal done?

It was a large capital raise in not ideal market conditions giving investors a bit of reluctance.

What are some of the lessons you learned with this deal?

Know your partners well. Having a strong legal team and be sure to include a closing extension option in the PSA.

* These examples depicting income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Although we have numerous documented successful deals from our coaching students, we cannot track all of our students’ results, and therefore cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in Rod’s training and coaching. The participants shown are not paid for their stories.