The Power of Words With Rod Khleif

Sigmund Freud said words have a magical power.  They can bring either the greatest happiness, or the deepest despair, they can transfer knowledge from a teacher to a student, and words enable the speaker to sway his audience and dictate their decisions. read more
  Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting people to take acton. To be a success in life and in business you have to be a great communicator with the people you’re trying to influence.
Throughout history our greatest leaders have utilized the power of words to stir us emotionally, to rally us
behind their causes, and to change the course of history. Using the right words, in the right sequence can create love
in our lives….can create success in our business, and respect from our peers. Buddha said words have power to both
destroy and heal….when words are true and kind they can change our world. Words contain power …. That power can be positive or negative. It’s important to be careful with the words that you speak, because once they’re spoken, they
can’t be forgotten, they can only be forgiven. Words have started and stopped wars, they’ve built people up and
they’ve torn people down, they’ve instilled people with courage and have also filled them with fear.
Words when combined properly have the power to do incredible good or unspeakable evil. There are over a half 1 million words in the English language according to Compton’s encyclopedia but the average person only uses about 2000 of those words regularly. Less than half of 1%. And the words we use most frequently, for most people it’s only about 2 to 300 words.
Also….We all know that we can use words to express how we feel to other people….. but you may not realize that the
words we say to ourselves on a regular basis actually create our own reality. By changing the language you use habitually
when speaking to yourself and others you literally can change your experience of the world. The words can cause
you to change how you feel, what you think about…..and how you experience life. Take for example if you go through
a situation that causes you upset there’s a huge difference between saying you’re furious about what happened….
versus saying you’re just annoyed. Those two words create entirely different emotions and affect your body and your
mind completely differently.

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