The Power of Taking Action With Rod Khleif

The Power that comes from taking Action  today I want to talk about the power that comes from taking action. We all have dreams, and want to improve our lives. But dreams is all they’ll ever be …without action. Leonardo da Vinci said. It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. read more
They went out and happened to things. Tony Robbins says the path to success is to take massive determined actions. Many people will have all the raw material they need to move forward towards their dreams, but fail to take action. The gap between our dreams …….and our reality is action. Right now, there are people out there that are a lot less qualified then you, living their dreams…. because they took action. There are lots of reasons also known as excuses why people don’t take action. There many things that impact these excuses like limiting beliefs, thinking you’re a perfectionist….analysis paralysis. The reality is these reasons or excuses are primarily based in fear…..Fear of rejection….Fear of failure….Even fear of success…What’s crazy is the fear actually diminishes ….once you take action. In fact, whenever I have something problematic or stressful show up in my life I’ve come to realize the fastest way to relieve the stress associated with
That problem is to take massive action on it. Sometimes the task or outcome that we’re facing seems massive or overwhelming. And I know this may be cliché…. but I’m sure you’ve heard….how do you eat a whale? …..One bite at a time.
I’m sure you’ve also heard Lao Tsu’s quote that the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. When you’re facing something that’s daunting, I really do believe in the adage that you take the first stepand the next one will be revealed. Maybe you’ve heard my example about a car traveling across the United States at night only able to see 30 to 40 feet ahead, but able to travel thousands of miles that way. But you have to take that first step. Might you make mistakes? Sure…. in fact you’ll likely make some mistakes but at least you’re taking action. Sure you’ll have risks and costs associated with taking action, but the risks associated with staying comfortable are much greater. Zig Ziglar said you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great. If you wait for everything to be perfect
before you take action on your dreams….. you’ll never take that first step. One tiny step will bring you much closer to your goals than miles and miles of intention….. So here are some tips to help you take action. Firstly be easy on yourself.

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