Damaris Maria

Philip Grossmann and I wanted to THANK this group & especially to Rod Khleif Robert Ritzenthaler, Our Coach Jacob Blackett for making our goals a reality. This all happen in the past month. We have been quiet but still very active in the real estate group. We were waiting for the ok from our coach and closing of the deals. My goal for 1 year was 1 LP for 100 doors and learn as much as we can to eventually be apart of a GP deal. Well Because we are surrounded by so many amazing people and its really about endless work and our network really is your net worth. We can now say We have 2 LP and a small part as GP investors relation, asset management & My smart Hubby software finding deals and building the most authentic relationships as possible. We have a percentage in 406 doors and now we can say of these doors 156 of them are as GP. We are really grateful for all the genuine connections and people have met because of proximity. I will say for truth we worked like 40 plus hours over our full time’s job to even make this a reality. we are not close to supplement our incomes yet but we really see it a true possibility. It was not easy and we still have more work to do. Don’t forget your WHY your doing the work? Because we have built these relationships we may have two more potential one small and one lager but, we will see how the number and it pans out. As you guys already know is not a deal unless the numbers work. Keep up even in this difficult market, the connection and relationship are so important. It is not always fun but it starts with one cold call, one mailer, one relationship. Don’t forget your Why! Would you believe Craiglist has been good too. DO NOT GIVE UP!! We have met so many great people I don’t want to miss people. But Thank you so much. WE are VERY GRATEFUL!