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The first pillar any real estate professional needs is mastery of awareness… to see and evaluate what’s really in front of you.

This means being honest with yourself about what you know… and what you don’t know, and your skill sets and resources when it comes to Real Estate Investing.

With this pillar, you become aware of your investment criteria, your market criteria, and allocate the skill sets for you and your team, so that you can succeed fast.

And finally, you become aware of the investors and syndicators that are available to help get your deals financed and funded.


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The second pillar is mastery of the Close.

Create a deal-flow pipeline that keeps your phones ringing. Learning various deal structures to gain momentum. Discover the framework and detail for careful and comprehensive Due Diligence that will keep you out of trouble.

You learn every step of the process to efficiently and effectively close on your deals.


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The final (and most exciting) pillar in your journey of mastery is Transformation.

The transformation of your team into an effective and well oiled machine.

The transformation of your property through the value-add process, so it is a true cash flowing asset.

This process will result in financial transformation for your investors.

You will be transforming the community your property is in.

Most importantly, through this process you will see incredible transformation in yourself.

When you follow this process you are continually learning, improving and discovering new things about yourself, your team, and your chosen market. I truly believe that one of the greatest tools for self-growth is starting and growing your Lifetime Cashflow Real Estate Legacy.