How To Take 100% Ownership Of Your Life By Rod Khleif

Own Your Power

So you want success? Success in your life, success in your business, success in your relationships? Financial Success? Taking 100% ownership of every aspect of your life is the secret to that success. Most people spend their time denying their mistakes, bemoaning their circumstances, and giving excuses for their lack of results. Most people don’t realize that accepting 100% responsibility for their actions, being totally accountable for their results, and taking 100% ownership for their lives including any mistakes they made, is one of the biggest secrets to success.

read more Gary Keller the founder of Keller Williams was quoted as saying taking complete ownership of your outcomes by holding no one but yourself responsible for them is the most powerful thing you can do to drive your success. If you want to be a leader you have to take ownership. If you want to effectuate any change in your life you have to accept ownership for your life. In fact when you can accept complete ownership for everything in your life you can literally change anything in your life. Sure, you’re influenced by your background and past circumstances but you are fully responsible for who you become.
You can’t change the past, the seasons you’ll goal through in life and the circumstances, but you can always change yourself. If you want to become a leader, and if you’re listening to my show I know you do, you must know that leadership equals 100% ownership with no excuses. When you blame others, you lose your power to change. If you asked me why many people have self-esteem problems, my answer would be that they don’t take 100% ownership for their lives. Instead a victim mentality is adopted and someone else is blamed when negative things happen. When you don’t take ownership of your life, your thoughts and dreams and hopes just remain thoughts.
When you take total ownership, it creates forward momentum and you take action. Whenever you take total and complete ownership, it doesn’t matter if you have lazy coworkers or a boss that’s an idiot, all that matters is that you took ownership and did everything you possibly could in a situation. I’m not saying accept blame, I’m saying accept ownership. They’re not the same thing. When you evaluate issues and problems that have popped up in your life you’ll realize you or other people involved in a negative situation likely failed to take ownership. This dynamic can manifest in several different ways for example. You or someone else involved had a bad attitude, or just didn’t care about the situation, or spend more time complaining than doing, or the involved parties are only interested in themselves.
So I invite you my friend to take a look at your own life and honestly answer some questions. Are you living the life you want to live? When you go to bed at night, do you feel fulfilled and satisfied? Are you showing up the way you want to in your life with your family and at work? Are you doing the things that you want to do? If you answered no to any of these questions, then you’re not taking 100% ownership for your life. Do you let other people control your life? Are you envious of other people that took action to change their lives, and you’re frustrated because you’ve remained in comfort? I know these are tough questions and please know that I’m not judging, blaming, or trying to offend. I only want you to have an extraordinary life. So I want you to ask yourself, how would your life change and be different if you took 100% ownership for it? How would it affect your family? How would you show up differently? What might you do differently? Correct me if I’m wrong, would this not be a completely different life, a magnificent, extraordinary life that you own?

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