Rod Khleif Virtual Multifamily Bootcamp January 2024



Have you registered for Rod Khleif Virtual Bootcamp which will be organize in January 2024? If not, then don’t miss out on registering for the same and experience an event full of opportunities and gain knowledge on real estate investment. If you know Rod Khleif, then you don’t need an explanation on why you should register for this event, and just in case you don’t, there is no reason to miss it out.

Rod Khleif’s name is enough for people and that’s what attracts them to his events. He is an entrepreneur, author, mentor, multiple business owner, community philanthropist, and real estate investor. All of the above jobs are more than just a profession for him as he is passionate about business, life, success, and giving back.

When you talk about Rod’s experience, then to your surprise he is counted among the top real estate trainers and it is his experience that has earned him this position. Until now, he has personally owned and managed over 2000 properties.

The May Virtual Multifamily Bootcamp is for you, if:
• You are a Novice Real Estate Investor
Being a novice real estate investor when you don’t have any experience in buying a property, it is difficult to decide whether you have made the right decision. In the boot camp, you will get to learn about the proven steps to buy a property such as an apartment building.

• You are Having Difficulty After Buying Multifamily Properties
Buying a few residential or multifamily properties is not a sure-shot path to success for many as they are having difficulty achieving the goals that they have bought the property. We will provide you with tips on how to find better deals and find investors to finance those deals and turn them into reality.

• You are Already an Experienced Investor
Our boot camp is for you if you already own many properties as you can connect with other investors and gain knowledge or collaborate with them and grow your money.

Just in case, if you think that the boot camp only features Rod Khleif, then it is not true as there will be other experienced rock star panelists alongside Rod Khleif. The list of panelists includes Oliver Fernandez, Chris Wooten, Noel Walton, Colby Bowers, Rasool Mutawakkil, Eric Upchurch, David Inglewicz, and others.

So, what are you waiting for? Register Now and Save Your Seat!