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The Guide for Deal Evaluation and
Due Diligence We Use Every Day!

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Multiply Book

This 67 page Multifamily Book helps you To Deal Evaluation And Due Diligence

is what we use to find and close on the RIGHT multifamily properties. Please take this as my gift to you.

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Up Your Game!

My name is Rod Khleif,
I’ve owned and managed over 2,000 properties across the nation. I’ve seen it all and I’ve learned how to change the game to avoid financial trouble. I organize multifamily bootcamps from time to time and provide guidance on real estate multifamily investing. Get this FREE, easy to follow checklist and get started today.

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Multiply Book

“Buy this book! Read it, apply it, and prosper! Rod has vast experience in the real estate world, both in up and down markets. Rod is a strategic thinker who knows how to reduce risk and increase gains in both types of markets. It’s rare to find someone who brings this kind of experience to real estate and is willing to share their knowledge.”

Diane Kennedy,
Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki and Bestselling Author

This comprehensive guide
is 100% FREE just for you!

More than just a checklist, this step by step toolbook is for aspiring and experienced real estate investors. It contains zero fluff!

When you have this toolbook, you no longer need to look for multi-family real estate investing books or multifamily investing course for help.

This is the essential guide for multifamily real estate investors at any level. It carefully walks you through the details of putting together your 1st, or even your 5th multifamily property.

This is the exact toolbook we use when we do our own preliminary evaluation and due diligence on a multifamily property we are looking to purchase or invest in.

With this free guide you get a fill-in-the-blank approach to demographics, finances, market overview, occupancy and more. It asks all of the important questions:

It also includes a “Who to Call and What to Ask” section to help you uncover every important detail of property due diligence.

We’re closing on deals every month and we created this checklist to keep our team on track, on time and super competitive.

If you are in multifamily investing and you don’t have a comprehensive guide like this one, you may miss important areas and property details. That’s why I’m giving it to you FREE. I do not want to see you purchase the wrong property and potentially fail.

When utilizing this toolbook you will be confident that you are capturing what’s important and not missing important details while performing your preliminary evaluation and due diligence processes.