How To Build Self Discipline by Rod Khleif

Theodore Roosevelt said with self-discipline, anything is possible. It’s been said that people have a choice of two pains. The minor pain that comes from some discipline or the ultimate pain of regret. The distance or bridge between your dreams or goals and ultimate success, is discipline. It’s a proven fact that people with self-discipline are happier, healthier and more successful in their lives than those without it. read more  
Frankly a life without discipline is no life at all. Discipline is really a very simple choice. A choice between what you want right now. Versus what you want the most. Your motivation will get you started, but your discipline will bring you home. It’s your discipline, not your desires that shape your destiny. Discipline is foundational.
If you want a successful and happy life it rests on the bedrock of discipline. Your ability to use discipline to delay short-term gratification is instrumental in achieving the life of your dreams. Jim Rohn said success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day, and I will tell you that the more discipline you have in your life, as crazy as it may sound, the easier your life becomes. The most successful people in the world aren’t the smarter ones; they’re the most disciplined ones. Discipline in its simplest form is doing whatever needs to be done even if you don’t feel like doing it. If you want achievement and success discipline is your fuel.
So how do you build self-discipline? First you must become committed. People aren’t born with discipline they build it and develop it through commitment. You must clearly define your goals and become laser focused. Discipline requires developing habits. These don’t need to be major shifts small shifts taken out over time are life-changing. Get rid of your temptations and distractions. Block your time, and laser focus on the task allotted during that blocked time.
If you can’t eliminate your distractions completely block time for them so you know from eight to 9 o’clock Facebook gets you, but that’s the only time it gets you. It’s okay to schedule times or breaks, for fun, social media or just doing nothing. If you schedule all of this and block the time you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. Prioritize what’s important and focus on what will get you the most traction every day when you get to it.
It’s very important to take care of yourself, eat regularly and eat healthy food because how you feel and how fueled you are throughout the day keeps your blood sugar level  keeps you positive, and helps you focus. Small amounts of meditation are very powerful to help you maintain discipline and recharge throughout the day.
And if you fall off the wagon of discipline it’s no big deal forgive yourself, dust yourself off and get back to it. Life will get in the way you will get knocked off track, it’s inevitable and expected so don’t let it derail you just move on
Don’t forget to reward yourself. You must celebrate the small wins. Just because you’re disciplined, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process and enjoy your progress. As you know, progress equals happiness. And remember one thing. The only thing stopping an average person from being extraordinary is discipline and Remember the things you’re doing won’t become easier, you will just become stronger.


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