How To Become a Millionaire By Rod Khleif

Have you ever said to yourself…. I know I was meant to be more? I know I was destined for bigger things? I see other people make a lot of money and I know I deserve it too?….. Have you wondered how they do it? How people make their first million quickly, when they start with little or nothing?  read more
  My name is Rod Khleif and I immigrated to this country when I
was six years old. I couldn’t speak English and we had very little money. I had to wear clothes from the Goodwill and we
drank powdered milk and had to buy expired bread because that’s all we could afford. I only say that so that so you
realize I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I know many people have had it even harder than we did. I
learned about hard work from my mother. She would babysat children so we had extra money. She used that babysitting
money to buy the house across the street from us. When I saw how much money she’d made in just a couple years I
decided to get into real estate. I’ve now owned over 2000 houses and apartment building. I have built 22 businesses so
far in my life….and some of those have been worth tens of millions of dollars. I don’t tell you this to brag. I have also had
many failures which I call seminars throughout my career. I’m only telling you all of this so you have some framework
around my ability to possibly speak on the subject of becoming a millionaire. I’ve seen the formula that works to become
a millionaire quickly both in my own life and in the scores of successful people that I know.
So.……. how do you become a millionaire quickly? Let me share the formula with you. The most important component of
this success formula to becoming a millionaire is to make sure your mindset is right. Many people have skewed mindsets
about money. It’s important for you to evaluate how you actually think about money. Surprisingly many people
subconsciously don’t believe they deserve to be wealthy. Maybe they had parents that said things like money doesn’t
grow on trees or maybe they associated wealth with greed. So make sure you focus on getting your head right around
money and the fact that you deserve it. I think that’s probably one of the most important pieces of this. 80% of your
success in anything including your life is your mindset and only 20% is the actual mechanics or business. Make sure you
don’t have a poverty mindset. Remember that what you focus on becomes your reality so if you’re focusing on how little
you have that’s what you get more of. Be sure to focus on what you want…. That ties in to the next very important piece
of your success in becoming a millionaire quickly and that is you must write down your goals. You’ve heard the saying,
without a vision the people perish. You have to have a vision for your future that compels you.


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