Ep #153 – Meghan McCallum – From Firefighter to Real Estate Investor – owns 40+ units

Here’s some of what you will learn:
  • Spent 14 years working as a firefighter and then went into real estate.
  • Why a great way to get started in this business is by buying a plex and living in it.
  • How to rent a property out on Airbnb if the city has a law against it.
  • When investing in multifamily, it could be less work than single family because you will have a team.
  • Don’t be afraid of larger properties. If the numbers are right, be confident that you can make it happen and make an offer.
  • Why mom and pop apartment buildings (5-30 units) is the sweet spot to invest in.
  • Be careful of what bankers suggest, they want you to settle while the investor wants you to get a deal.
  • If you trust your realtor, you can sign a bunch of earnest money checks and leave the “To” portion blank to help speed up the process.
  • How broker relationships will make you wealthy.
  • Why you should ask anyone you know for appraisals on their properties.
  • Going to REA’s will help you learn from other people and find others that will help you.
  • Starting up your own REA meeting will add value to your business because you will be looked at as an influencer.
  • Where to find deals in this current market.
  • Why you should always do walkthroughs right before you close on a deal.
  • How to make your undesirable units, desirable.
  • The quickest way to get started in investing in this business is to partner with someone who has experience and is making moves.
  • Why you should join a group where everybody is willing to share their ideas/experiences/data.

contact Meghan at –>  Meghan@McCallumholdings.com

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