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“Thank you for showing me the way! Your impact on my life is incredibly instrumental to my success!”
Included with your tuition fees of:

Multifamily Online Bootcamp with Rod Khleif
Online Study Course - 12 Modules with Manuals, Over 120 Videos, Scripts, Agreements, Tools, Full Document Library, Deal Evaluator Software
Bonus Wholesaling Course
This Online Multifamily Bootcamp is designed to help you massively shorten the time you need to learn multifamily investing and help you find, evaluate and purchase your first multifamily property quickly. This course includes everything you will need including checklists, templates and all of the forms required in this business.

The Multifamily Bootcamp is designed to get you from where you are in your financial life to LifetimeCashFlow absolutely as quickly as possible. This course provides you all of the real estate related information you will need. Additionally, Rod spends a lot of time helping you improve your mindset giving you the confidence and courage to take action.

• 12-Week Multifamily Course How to Create Lifetime CashFlow Through Multifamily Properties Course and Coaching Online Bootcamp (with Lots of Bonuses).

• The World’s Greatest Home / Apartment Wholesaling Online Study Course (12 modules with Lots of Bonuses). $1,997 Value

• CashFlow Deal Evaluator Software (for 12 months). $997 Value

• Full Document Library with all of the Contracts and Forms we use and you will ever need. $997 Value

Module #1
• Getting Started And Why Cash Flow Is King
• How My Love Of Real Estate Began & My Biggest Seminars
• The New Rules Of Real Estate Investing
• Module / Course Overview
• Why Multifamily Is Safe, Stable, & Here To 

Module #2
• The Law Of Attraction, Taking Massive Action, & The Vision Board
• The Goal Setting Workshop

Module #3
• The Power Of Cash Flow & Protecting Yourself From Naysayers
• What Type/Size Should You Should Target & Residential Vs. Commercial
• Multifamily Property Types, A D Classes, & Your Competition
• Establishing Your Investment Criteria & Self Evaluation
• Selecting Your 4 Markets. Who To Call & What To Look For
• Building Your Team •+ 6 More Bonus Lessons

Module #4
• Creating Consistent Off Market Deal Flow
• Utilizing Brokers & Creating “Pocket Listing” Deal Flow • Online Sites & Buying From Banks
• Finding Deals Via Auctions
• Direct Mail & Cold Calling
• Craigslist & 11 Other Great Deal Finding Strategies
• Dealing With And Taking Action Against Fear
• + 3 More Bonus Lessons

Module #5
• Intro & What Makes Successful People Successful
• Dealing With Sellers & Questions To Ask Sellers
• Explaining Seller Financing + 4 More Bonus Lessons

Module #6
• Preliminary Evaluation And Research & Key Financial Formulas
• Evaluating Worst Case Scenario & Additional Income Opportunities
• Key Financial Formulas & The Affect Of A Rent Increase • Acquisition Costs & Coc, Roi, & Dscr + 6 More Bonus Lessons

Module #7
• Successful Syndicating
• The Securities Act Of 1933
• When Are Notes Securities What Is An Investment Contract
• What Is A Syndicate & Joint Ventures Vs. Securities
• Securities Exemptions
• Accredited Vs. Non Accredited & Securities Exemptions
• What You’ll Do With The Money & Types Of Investors + 7 More Bonus Lessons

Module #8
• Mortgages, Loans, & Creative Funding Options
• Residential Vs. Commercial Mortgages & Recourse Vs. Nonrecourse Debt
• Bridge Loans & Mezzanine Loans
• Questions To Ask When Evaluating A Loan & What The Lender Needs • Sponsors & Seller Financing
• Master Lease Options And Creative Ways To Reduce The Down Payment

Module #9
• Loi’s, Contracts, & Due Diligence Mastery
• The Loi & Purchase And Sale Contract
• Due Diligence & Third Party Reports
• The Inspection Process
• Negotiation Strategies
• Stress Free Take Over of a Property & Being a Leader

Module #10
• Property Management Mastery • Self Management Hiring An Onsite Manager
• Self Management Property Management Software & Knowing The Law
• Self Management Rental Application & Collecting Rents
• Hiring A Property Management Company + 3 More Bonus Lessons

Module #11
• Focus On The Noi! How To Increase Income & Decrease Expenses
• Focus On The Noi & Strategies To Increase Income
• Strategies To Decrease Expenses • Crisis Management & Exit Strategies

Module #12
• 90 Day Action Plan • Buy Your First Multifamily Property in 90 Days Bonuses
• Ira 1 How To Invest In Real Estate Using An Ira (4 Part Series)
• Best Places.Net Overview
• The 5 - 30 Unit Sweet Spot
• How to Successfully Build Your Database
• Successfully Hiring, Training, & Utilizing Virtual Assistants
• How To Find Income Growth
• How To Find Job Employment Growth
• How To Find Average Home Price
• How To Find Population Data
• How To Verify The Job Market In A Market • Meetup.Com Demo
• Auction Site Tips & Tricks • Demo Of Other Listing Sites + Many More Bonus Lessons

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