Multifamily Bootcamp
     How To Buy An Apartment Building in 90 Days!
August 24th, 25th & 26th 2018 Chicago, IL 
 Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare
Fri 9-5, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3
  •   How to Buy an Apartment Building in 90 Days
  •   90 Day Action Plan
  •   Scripts & Checklists
  •   How to Analyze a Property
    What You Will Learn:
    •  How to Find Deals
    •  How to Fund Your Deals
    •  How to Manage Your Properties
    • Due Diligence
    • Why Multifamily is Better Than Single Family Investing
    • The Mindset for Success
    •  How to Network
    •  Negotiation Strategies
    • How to Structure Your Business
    •  Goal Visualization 
    •  How to Build Your Team
    During this exciting 3 day workshop, 
    you’ll get the blueprint to create your own 
    Lifetime CashFlow through Multifamily Properties. 
     This jam-packed live event will teach you
     everything you need to know to purchase
     your first apartment building in 90 days. 
    The Rules of Real Estate Investing have changed.

    CashFlow is key to successful investing. This training is like no other you will find. Rod has owned over 2,000 apartment buildings and homes and is an expert in multifamily real estate investing. His top-ranked Podcast on iTunes has over 3,000,000 downloads to date and only becoming more popular everyday.

    80% of your success in anything is your psychology.
    Rod spends time helping you with your goals, confidence and mindset to be sure you take action towards your dreams.
    Rod Khleif's Multifamily Bootcamp
    Learn how to buy your first multifamily property in 90 days. 
    You owe it to yourself to take action to achieve your goals. 
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        •  3 Day Access to Rod Khleif's Multifamily Bootcamp
        •  Access to Industry Professionals
        •  Free Signed Textbook & Companion Course
        •  Free Catered Lunch Meet & Greet
        •  Q & A Session With Rod
        •  Exclusive Cocktail Reception 
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        What Past Attendees Have told Us:
        "Had a fantastic 3 days at your boot camp. You went above and beyond. Inspiring, motivating and challenging would be 3 words to describe it." - Jon
        "The Tampa Bootcamp was awesome! Let me know, If any of you want to grab a coffee in Atlanta, Ga. I'm here for you." - Chris 

        "Great event that made some great friendships! Thanks Rod Khleif!" - Nick 

        "...We had a great time networking at the MULTIFAMILY Bootcamp by Rod Khleif Multifamily Real Estate Investing - Rod Khleif" - John 

        "Thanks for setting up the event and helping others reach their dreams!" - Michael  

        "Thank you Rod Khleif for the kick ass multifamily bootcamp. Im extremely grateful to have been able to attend. Absolutely amazing weekend. Priceless value and worth the time. For those that were unable to attend, I highly recommend attending his next event. You will not regret it." - Sugey 

        "Fantastic weekend Rod Khleif! You provided tremendous value. Thank you!" - Craig 
        "A Ton of Gold nuggets from this weekend in Tampa - and not to mention I met some really amazing people to form a killer mastermind with.  Thanks Rod & Staff!!" - Jono
        "To everyone that was at the Bootcamp:
        Thank You for the amazing 3 day experience. I believe that Rod overdelivered and it was an incredible networking opportunity!" - Niclas
        "What an event! Found two multi family properties immediately after this, and I am definitely taking action!!! My first multi!!!!" - Cleo
        "What an event! Met so many great people and the content was awesome. A big thank you to Rod Khleif and the team for over delivering." - Tom
        "1st day of bootcamp was AMAZING! Thank you Rod and Maureen for sharing your knowledge and experiences!" - Carlos
        "Feeling inspired after attending the MFH boot camp. Thanks to Rod, his team, and everyone who attended and contributed to the experience." - Luke
        "Having a great time at boot camp this weekend! Learning a great deal and meeting some amazing people! Thank you to all those who are sharing their knowledge and experiences! Looking forward to connecting with more of you and developing more relationships so we can work together and reach our investing goals!!" - Michelle

        "Awesome event. Thank you Rod Khleif." - John

        "Loving every moment. Wealth of information. Thanks for Over delivering Team Rod Khleif. What a wonderful batch. Strategies applicable everywhere." - Amina 
        "Awesome event! Kudos to you and your team Rod. You all did a phenomenal job. Rockstars!" - Jennifer

        "So impressed with practical knowledge being shared by real life experts." - Chris

        "Rods event is amazing. If you can go you NEED TO GO. He provides so much wisdom and so much more value than what you pay for. Make the trip it is beyond worth it!" - Michael

        "I learned but even better, Rod, you forced me out of my comfort zone I met so many awesome people that I never would have. They guys I went to lunch with the first day are just down the interstate from me! Thanks again for a great boot camp." - Andy

        "It was amazing and jammed packed of amazing information!" - D

        "This was the most amazing 3 days!! I️ grew, laughed, cried, learned so much and met some awesome people. Rod, you, your wife and your team are so genuine and giving, saying thank you doesn’t feel like enough." - Shannon 
        "I would like to thank you for offering the multifamily boot camp. I am particularly thankful for the emphasis on having the proper mindset as I could know everything there is to know about apartment syndication but it wouldn't do me any good if I think small." - Howie 

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