rod khleifLooking Back.

Throughout the years, the world, and the people who reside on it have changed in many ways. There have been hundreds of wars, and millions of celebrations, that all seem to have one thing in common, food. Food has been there when a battle was won, or lost for the means of making the people involved feel better about the circumstances that have taken place. Well, we still use food to bring people together, but what about those families that can’t provide the food needed to make a holiday worth celebrating?




Do You See What I See?

Well, a humble Florida businessman named Riyad aka Rod Khleif took on his business career by the horns, all the while looking for ways to help the manyRod Khlief under privileged families that were in near by communities. Rod Khleif furthered his career by getting into real estate investment, by which he then became a person with a greater purpose in life. His vision, and strong minded will, kept him constantly moving forward, so much so that he, and his brother began to feed the hungry families of Sarasota Florida. The Basket Brigade as it’s still known, was formed with the strength in knowing that something much bigger was on it’s way. Soon after, the team that was led by Rod Khleif himself found themselves in a plush new, facility that would suit the need to do more of what was going on. Helping those in need was always priority number one, and now that the Tiny Hands Foundation was open for business, Rod Khleif, and friends could become much more efficient in how they distributed the food among the families of Florida.


Rod Khleif Leaving Your Mark.

It has been over 11 years since the Tiny Hands Foundation opened their doors in 2001, and the team of volunteers, that work there have been making sure that they keep a clear mind when it comes down to what they do. Rod Khleif has led these people down the road of purity, and giving. There are many different types of people in this world, but not many that are willing to dedicate the time, and passion to help out total strangers in their time of need. The Tiny Hands Foundation is a place where people not only come together to help their fellow man, but they also lend themselves to simple, and everyday tasks such as inspirational conversation. Quite a few of the volunteers take the time to just sit down with other people, to do simplest and easiest thing to do in the world. They listen. They listen to how times got rough, and the pantry became empty. They listen to the stories of triumph that were had after they met everyone at the Tiny Hands Foundation. So you see, Rod Khleif is a man who has put the needs of others first, and in doing so, led the charge against hunger, Cancer, and many other reputable causes that keep the average man down. We just have to find it within ourselves to carry the burdens of life like he has.