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Ep #109 – Paul Moore

Ep #109 - Paul Moore, Founder and Managing Director at Wellings Capital which focuses on Class B apartments in growing markets.

Ep #107 – Chris Wetherall

Ep #107 - Chris Wetherall discusses the real value of the details in Accounting including the amazing benefits of cost segregation.

Ep #106 – Dylan Borland and David Toupin

Ep #106 - Dylan Borland and David Toupin – began real estate investing at a very young age by fixing and flipping and have decided to use multifamily investing and ownership to “get out of the rat race before it even started!”

Ep #104 – A.J.

Ep #104 - A.J. is living for free and is on the edge of “job replacement income.” Saving $10,000 for a down payment A.J. purchased a triplex with a FHA loan in Chicago. Refinancing out of the FHA and using a home equity line A.J. found an off marke

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