Ep #117 – Helping investors finance their properties. James Eng finances over $75,000,000 in multifamily properties annually and is an investor in 2,500 units.

Here’s some of what you will learn:

  • Financed over $75 million in multifamily properties.
  • Investor that is involved in 2,500+ units.
  • How James can help you finance your deals.
  • Differences between Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
  • When to go with Fannie Mae.
  • When to go with Freddie Mac.
  • The types of properties that Freddie and Fannie will and will not do.
  • When it’s difficult or impossible to get Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac financing.
  • Types of questions to ask a broker to develop a relationship.
  • Typical costs to expect when structuring a deal.
  • When to contact a broker about a property.
  • How long it takes to get a Freddie or Fannie loan done.
  • How to make the interaction with a broker easy.
  • When the rate increases, why does that cause equity requirements to go up?
  • What is a debt service coverage ratio?

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